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Main present ideas for 10 year old DS

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TheDuckSaysMoo Tue 07-Nov-17 19:28:34

DS doesn't play with toys or Lego, hates the idea of cycling and is pretty much focused on gaming or books. He's just been given a Nintendo switch for his birthday and he got a kindle last year. I'm totally stuck for a main pressie this year. Any ideas?

Ricekrispie22 Tue 07-Nov-17 19:47:31

Cindbelly Tue 07-Nov-17 20:47:05

Watching this thread as DS is 10 and LOVES Lego, but we’ve got two Kallax boxes full of the stuff plus shelves of Star Wars models in his room so I’m keen not to buy anymore.

He would love a switch so that’s on my (maybe) list as he got a ps4 for his birthday in July. Other ideas I’ve had so far are:

Go pro camera
3D model pen
Frisbee that looks like a pepperoni pizza
Supercar 2018 calendar (I’d like to encourage him to be a bit more independent ready for secondary in September)
Honey I’ve shrunk the kids DVD
Mr bean DVD box set
Pokémon cards
PS4 game - ark
Menkind- mini arcade machine
ATM money box
Monopoly or cluedo

Apart from the frisbee and mini arcade machine I’ve yet to buy anything else so will be watching this thread

Cindbelly Tue 07-Nov-17 20:48:01

Sorry just realized you said main present ideas blush

Justbookedasummmerholiday Tue 07-Nov-17 20:52:02

Electric scooter /drift board (argos)

tarheelbaby Tue 07-Nov-17 21:00:08

I really like Cindbelly's suggestions. All of them could appeal to a 'gamer' personality and will make a change from screens but still be 'up his alley'. I'm not knocking screens because they are great for some kids but they don't leave parents with much else as a next step. The 3D model pen sounds really cool. Is a raspberry pi or some other programming device too basic for him?

My DD10 has loved monopoly and cluedo with her cousins (DNp10 and DNc8) and they have too: mental maths and Machiavellian machinations all at once. MrBean is great for kids b/c he highlights what doesn't work - like that character in Gigglebiz who's always eating his lunch in the most awkward place.

BeerBaby Tue 07-Nov-17 21:04:24

Were very stuck on our DS who's also 10. Were looking at robot type toys like cosmo but they're all so expensive!

anditwasalladream Tue 07-Nov-17 21:20:57

My son loves gaming too. I have no idea what to get him either! He's into everything Nintendo and little else!
Does your ds have a gaming chair? My ds loves his. Mario Odyssey has just come out on the switch, i recommend splatoon2 if your son doesn't have it too. My son collects amiibo and nintendo figurines also.

Roundandroundtheapartment Tue 07-Nov-17 21:36:11

a voucher for a tech shop (menkind or similar)
Mini drone
Lego boost is expensive but looks very good (coding for Lego)

jakesmommy Tue 07-Nov-17 21:38:27

My 10 year old son and his 7 year old brother have been asking for a laptop each this year, I laughed off that idea at first but thought it would be good for homework etc. There is no way I could afford two brand new laptops so I have found a site selling refurbished laptops, I have found a Windows 7 laptop for £109 so I am purchasing one each for them

jakesmommy Tue 07-Nov-17 21:46:29

Forgot to mention some other things I have/am getting for my 10 year old:
Monopoly Gamer
5 Pokemon GX collector boxes
Sky Viper Drone
Pokemon Sun and Moon Elite Trainer Box
Pokemon Guess
Split Second
Nerf N-Strike Mega Twinshock
Robo Alive Snake
Various Pokemon themed items such as calendar, figures etc

TheDuckSaysMoo Tue 07-Nov-17 22:22:04

Wow - thanks for all your ideas. Gaming chair, pi and drone are top of the list now.

I have pokemon coming out of my ears - plushies, cards, games - I'm sure more of them would be welcomed whole heartedly smile. He did mention something about a charmander costume. Dd is starting to love pokemon too, so perhaps I should look at them as if they are an investment wink.

BWatchWatcher Wed 08-Nov-17 07:39:43

You can get pokemon graphic novels translated from japanese from larfe comic book stores. V cool and they read them!

Fueledwithfairydustandgin Wed 08-Nov-17 07:40:08

What about a driving experience? You can get a chance to drive a 4x4, a super car or even a lorry? I'm getting that for my brother

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