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Ideas needed for Bad Taste Secret Santa

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HangryHanderson Tue 07-Nov-17 11:10:47

Sorry, that's not the correct translation: it isn't bad taste as such or the crudest thing you can find or the ugliest object: it's meant to be something you have but no longer like or which is funny I guess but suitable for a works do. You aren't really meant to cheat or pay out lots of dosh as it's meant to be regifting...
But, here's the thing...
I have little in the house that is appropriate. Many things broken or destroyed by my kids, sure. But nothing regiftable or 'funny' - we do have a dancing Xmas tree toy but the kids still love it.
So I am going to have to cheat and get something from Amazon up to 10 euros. Home made won't cut it and it's not that all my things are things of beauty, I wish, I just don't have anything suitable (I do try to declutter and have already given items to Oxfam)
Any ideas?

HangryHanderson Tue 07-Nov-17 11:21:03


HangryHanderson Tue 07-Nov-17 11:25:42

I cannot post the link, not sure why but I can get an "udder" jug in budget (glass, quite nice, milk inside goes into an udder design).
Is that hilarious enough? <sarcastic emoticon> I am not good at enforced joy. Bah humbug.
Thanks in advance flowers

magpiemischief Tue 07-Nov-17 11:37:59

Yep, that is fine. Don’t overthink it.

HangryHanderson Tue 07-Nov-17 11:45:31

Good. Thanks magpie. Found another link.
As you can probably tell from my post, I am not looking forward to this jolly tradition. grin

fleshmarketclose Tue 07-Nov-17 11:51:49

Your jug is half price here

HangryHanderson Tue 07-Nov-17 12:06:22

Aw thank you. flowers I think it will do the job. Not sure why I put secret Santa in the title as it won't be, we are a small team and it will be a case of someone opening my gift off the table then having the choice to keep or pass it on/swap I think. I know the game and I guess it's meant to be something tacky/hideous/funny to elicit a groan, a blush or a laugh but I also know my colleagues well enough that if I were to buy such an item I might end up with seven confused or hmm faces so I need to play it safe.

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