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If you do elf on the shelf...

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Annwithnoe Sun 05-Nov-17 19:33:27

How do you maintain the illusion now that the shops are full of shelves of elves, accessories and even books of naughty ideas?
I didn't do this with the dc, mostly because I'm too lazy/disorganised/forgetful to commit to something I have to do every single night for the busiest month of the year.

EmilyChambers79 Sun 05-Nov-17 19:44:24

I've been wondering this. Especially this year it seems to be everywhere and on every shop. Last year it wasn't on any of the shelves.

We don't do it but when DS was younger and more prone to acting up, I used a reindeer for two weeks that Father Christmas had sent for DS to teach how to behave!

Similar to Elf and it definitely worked. Now DS is older (10) he doesn't need to appear!

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