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Nintendo Switch multiplayer games and accessories

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KinkyDoritowithsparkleson Sun 05-Nov-17 18:08:25

I've bought one for DS (will be 9) and would like to get some decent mulitplayer games that we can do together. He won't be playing online, so they need to be available just on the one console.

Looking for any recommendations.

I also wondered what other accessories are worth getting to go with the console - there seems to be loads of extra stuff like cases, controller bits and docking stations.

Thanks for any help smile.

I8toys Sun 05-Nov-17 19:29:59

Just bought one for ds's birthday. Not sure about multi-player but he has Zelda, Mario Odyssey which he loves, Splatoon and Mario Rabbids. I think Switch 321 and Snipperclips are multi player.

Re accessories - bought a hard carry case for taking out, a controller (looks a bit like an xbox controller) so he doesn't have to use the joycons and he uses it a lot. A joycon charger.

Zaphodsotherhead Sun 05-Nov-17 19:32:59

I just ordered my daughter a 7 in 1 accessory, I think it's a case, a stand, a screen protector and some other bits.

Fresh01 Sun 05-Nov-17 21:08:02

We have the Switch 12 (or similar name) game - not next it to check. It has kept two children or groups of kids or mixed groups of adults and kids occupied for hours. It has multiple short games and you can play against each other or in teams.

I am not into computer games but I really enjoy it. The kids also talk to each other whilst playing it so not completely tuned into a computer game.

chicaguapa Mon 06-Nov-17 07:24:38

For your DS I think the best multiplayer game would be Mario Kart deluxe as you can play 2 player with one console. And if anyone comes round with 2 more joy-cons you can play 4 player on the TV.

Super Mario Odyssey has 2 player where the second player is Mario's hat. This is apparently much better than it sounds.

Splatoon 2 needs 2 consoles. Zelda is 1 player.

Re accessories, I think a case of some sorts is essential. You'll need to decide whether to get one just for the screen for when your DS takes it out of the house. There are loads on Amazon with good reviews. Or whether to get one that fits the docking station and cables if he's going to be taking it to people's houses . case looks good for that and it has a removable case for the screen. But there's nowhere to store games. This may not be an issue if you're downloading games instead of having the cartridges.

People have said the screen scratches when putting it in and out of the docking station. So a screen protector would be a good idea.

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