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Think I might have bitten off more than I can chew - help!

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MaureenMLove Sat 04-Nov-17 08:37:23

So, in my quest to do something a bit different this year, I've decide not to buy DD an advent calendar. She is 22, so I don't think she'll mind that much!grin.

Instead I'm doing her a 12 Days of Christmas advent. I've bought 12 miniature gins or vodka and I'm going to decorate toilet roll tubes and stick them together like a Christmas tree! (Yes, I do have too much time on my hands, but it's made with love!). Anyway, that inspired me to do the same for DH and DDs boyfriend. All good so far. My thinking is, it's a present a day from Christmas Day and during a lot of that time you're far more likely to be having a tipple, then getting one of those alcohol advents that obviously start on 1st December.

Now, I've decided to do the same as a joint present for DHs nephews and brother. He's a single parent and the boys are with him over Christmas. I decided to do things that they can do together. Budget around £25/30 per person, so about £90 overall.

So far, I've got Christmas mugs, hot Choc and marshmallows for one day, a cinema pass for another and a cake making kit. All things that evoke being together. The cake stuff and mugs kinda get lost in the weekly food shop budget, so I'm going to go over budget, but that doesn't matter too much.

It seemed like a good idea at the time and I'm sure I'll get it sorted, but I'm just tying to get some ideas together. What do you think? Any suggestions?

whimsical1975 Sat 04-Nov-17 09:19:06

How old are the boys? Do they each have to have one thing to open? If not, and it's to share, then how about...

Card game or normal pack of playing cards
Tot glasses (they can have one each)
Little bottles of alcohol (again age dependant)
Kite (that they can put together and fly - just for some good old fashioned fun)

MaureenMLove Sat 04-Nov-17 09:38:25

Love the kite idea! They're 12 & 13, so maybe not booze! grin. They love cooking with dad, so the cake stuff isn't too odd. I'm thinking one present between them per day, but obviously the mugs will all be In The same parcel. Card game or box game good too. In fact.... I was given that Shout Out game for my birthday which I've never opened. They can have that.

I've just found 2 books. 101 things to do before your 16 for them and 101 things to do before your 50 for dad.

Also gonna get a jar of sweets for them.

Every year, I feel like we're just going through the motions because we have to. Always get them an Xbox voucher or just cash so they can do what they like, but I fancied making an effort.

Think I'm nearly done. I'm never this organised!

MaureenMLove Sat 04-Nov-17 09:39:19

That's exactly what I'm after - good old fashioned fun, without the aid of a phone or Xbox!

bigfatbumfreak Sat 04-Nov-17 10:14:08

101 things to do before your kids hated those books, they were charity shop fodder by march.

I think you should give them cash/vouchers so they can get what they like.

Almostthere15 Sat 04-Nov-17 11:11:07

What a lovely idea. I think tiger might be good?
You can sometimes pick nanoblocks up for around 5 each from Amazon. What about handwarmers for a winter walk (or even to school). Some interesting sweets?

crunchtime Sat 04-Nov-17 11:12:58

bigfatbumfreak-how utterly joyless

Nonibaloni Sat 04-Nov-17 11:19:48

Depends on the boys but some fancy hair wax/lip balm/moisturiser
Pens/post it’s/staplers
Phone cases
If there into cooking/baking some unusual spices from a Chinese supermarket?

PieceOfTheMoon Sat 04-Nov-17 11:25:35

I am very sleep deprived, so may have misunderstood - but how small are the mugs if they will fit inside a toilet roll tube? Or, how big are your toilet rolls??

MaureenMLove Sat 04-Nov-17 12:08:32

Bless you, you are sleep deprived! The toilet rolls are in the bit at the top about miniature bottles of alcohol for DDs advent thing! They fit perfectly! grin

MaureenMLove Sat 04-Nov-17 12:11:41

Not sure what phones they've got, but they all have a passport and go away a lot! I'll them passport cases and a scratch off map of the world for where they've been.

There's always one who doesn't need to be on a thread and posts for a reaction, so we shall ignore the misery guts!grin

MaureenMLove Sat 04-Nov-17 12:51:10

Just as an aside, but on the Christmas theme. I love my DD, she is so not a stereotypical only child! I've just asked her for her Christmas list and she wants to know where the Argos catalogue is! grin. Is she 10 again? And also, 'and I have to have a colouring book and new pens for Xmas eve!

DandelionAndBedrock Sat 04-Nov-17 16:19:56

A jigsaw? You could get a photo printed one - there are always codes around for websites like snapfish.

Gloves for a winter walk?

TheWoollybacksWife Sat 04-Nov-17 16:56:57

I don't know if you already shop with Studio but I bought DD personalised coloured pencils this week to go with her colouring book (she's 23). The pencils were £2.49 for 12 and there is always a code kicking about for free delivery for your first order.

Wilko have some decent bits and bobs - I bought a box of movie trivia cards to play after dinner over Christmas that look like they might be fun.

Fueledwithfairydustandgin Sat 04-Nov-17 19:10:53

A movie night? DVD, sweets and Christmassy throw
Ice skating tickets
Board game
For a cheap night post it notes and sweets for that stick a name on your forehead game

RandomMess Sat 04-Nov-17 19:19:31

Some lynx and shower gel?

WaxOnFeckOff Sun 05-Nov-17 00:19:53

A photo frame with loads of small spaces so they can dig out photos and fill it up?
A recipe book?
A box of oddsocks?
Matching (but different) keyrings?

Rosehips Sun 05-Nov-17 06:31:20

bread mix?

Wishingandwaiting Sun 05-Nov-17 06:42:22

Vouchers for local barber?
Voucher for 20 min neck massage each

Tweennightmare Sun 05-Nov-17 06:53:55

What about tasks to do on little notes so it becomes almost a nice trick or treat for example cook a meal together, make each other a Xmas card go for a country walk so they can bond together particularly being a single parent. I love that you are doing this for your family I hope they appreciate it

Isadora2007 Sun 05-Nov-17 08:46:11

For your BIL/nephews a pack of dominoes, hot choc and marshmallows, some microwave popcorn and a dvd for a movie session, hand warmers (often in pound shop) for a winter walk together, mini shower gels.

It sounds like a lovely idea and so thoughtful. ⛄️

MaureenMLove Sun 05-Nov-17 09:45:52

Thanks all. I think I've certainly got enough to go on now. They are lovely boys and I know they won't be disappointed not to get a voucher or money. We'll be having our Christmas with them mid December and we usually have our presents then, but they'll have to wait this year. That'll hype up the Christmas excitement a bit more! grin.

I'll make them each a ginger bread house for that day. Nanny and Great nan will have presents for them , so they won't go without a gift to unwrap.

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