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Ideas for non-toys for 15mo

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lornathewizzard Thu 02-Nov-17 13:17:33

Well, not exactly non-toys but just not plastic rubbish!

I’m stuck for 15mo DS. He’s DC2 is as you can imagine we have got lots of toys, books, etc

I’m also not super keen on lots of presents - ideally one from us and one from Santa. Budget around £50 for both presents but in no way has to be that much.

If it helps, DD3 is getting a Scotland strip from Santa and a real baking set with personified apron from us.

Nan0second Thu 02-Nov-17 13:22:27

Ours has had hours of use here and about £20 so well within budget
Some kind of shopping trolley or pushchair / pram? Our kid loves pushing stuff around and collecting various things to put in it (rarely a doll or baby)

lornathewizzard Thu 02-Nov-17 14:00:08

Oh I’ve not looked at scuttlebugs, will look. Already got a pram and a trolley thing somewhere

Nan0second Thu 02-Nov-17 15:34:47

(Worth digging out and wrapping up?!)

SaigonSaigon Thu 02-Nov-17 15:40:19

One of those wooden bead mazes (sort you see in Dr surgeries!). My DS loved his at that age

Nan0second Thu 02-Nov-17 15:43:07

I also thought easel (?blackboard and chalks or paints)

lornathewizzard Thu 02-Nov-17 15:54:59

Oh maybe Nan but his big sister would prob cotton on!

Easel we have too (from last Christmas for his sis)

Those wee ball things a good idea too

KingLooieCatz Thu 02-Nov-17 16:19:15

We have previously avoided toy-geddon with nicer than you'd normally get:
Dressing Gown
Bedding Sets
Hoodie (Chewbacca it was, has to be surgically removed to go in the wash)
All manner of what we call arty crafty stuff - go bonkers in The Works or similar.

lornathewizzard Thu 02-Nov-17 16:26:21

Oh also nice ideas thanks King. I need to actually go have a look in shops rather than just online

MrsPear Fri 03-Nov-17 10:38:42

I know he is young but big picture books that you can read to him.

Fueledwithfairydustandgin Fri 03-Nov-17 11:08:40

A balance bike? If you could get a second hand decent light one DS rode his from 18 months. At that age huge hits for DS was a pop up fire engine, a toy tractor and trailer and dinosaurs. We also have brio but he's not really interested in trains but I know lots of kids love it

gigglingHyena Fri 03-Nov-17 11:25:57

We did a lot of adding to existing collections of toys, so they each had their own "bits" in the box and it felt a bit more shared, especially for the things the older one was a bit possessive over.

So a few extra bits of play food or a new accessory for a toy kitchen, a couple of new bits of track and and train for the wooden railway and so on.

lornathewizzard Fri 03-Nov-17 14:42:21

Thanks for the good suggestions everyone.

We’ve got a balance bike already (that his sister got at the same age), and probably about 100 books (to be encouraged of course)

Brio is a good idea, and also remembered we have one of those bikes with the push handle on it that never got opened for his sister so that will be one present for sure.

We’ve got such a big family so they get lots, luckily

KC225 Fri 03-Nov-17 17:50:41

Bath toys. My kids loved them at that age. Stacking cups, sponges etc.

NapQueen Fri 03-Nov-17 17:51:50

Grimms stained wooden rainbow. Its slightly poncy but seems to be adored by parents and kids alike. And it looks good on a shelf too.

lornathewizzard Fri 03-Nov-17 19:01:11

Ha NapQueen, a bit poncy indeed but it is kinda cool smile

Bath toys also a good idea

elQuintoConyo Fri 03-Nov-17 21:27:09

Plastic wheelbarrow. Set of gardening tools. Magnifying glass - the kind where there is a pot with magnifying lid so the creep crawly doesn't run away when you try and look at it. My 6yo got one at 1yo and still uses it!

Fuzzy felt.

OlennasWimple Fri 03-Nov-17 21:35:18


Books of his own

TheEagle Fri 03-Nov-17 21:41:49

An experience? e.g. Yearly pass to local attraction (open farm, children's museum etc.?)

Last year MIL gave us an extremely generous voucher for our favourite shoe shop. It save us loads as we were able to buy DTs shoes in the January sales.

Grobags are another good one (with DTs the expense of the bigger ones was getting a bit much).

Puddlesuits/waterproofs for winter walks?

elQuintoConyo Fri 03-Nov-17 22:18:38

A year's pass is a lovely idea - but i don't think a 15mo would enjoy unwrapping it!

skankingpiglet Fri 03-Nov-17 23:30:49

We are having similar issues with 16mo DD2. There is nothing she desperately needs as we already have everything.
She is getting a couple of books (is there such a thing as too many?), a shopping basket with fabric play food to compliment DD1's play kitchen, a big box of second hand--Duplo (shared gift with DD1), a scooter --again second hand with helmet as DD1's is still in use, and a Teletubby. It's around £85 in total, although I'll still need to get an extra few small bits to bulk out her stocking on top.
The Teletubby is something she's really into that DD1 never was, so we have nothing else of that brand in the house. Does your 15mo have any interests that differ from DC1?

lornathewizzard Sat 04-Nov-17 05:53:23

Thanks for ideas again everyone, all good stuff.

Can’t really think of anything he enjoys that’s different to her (apart from climbing on things shock). He really likes Mickey but then so did she so we’ve got loads of stuffed toys etc

elQuintoConyo Sat 04-Nov-17 13:21:02

Are 15/16mos going to notice if their stockings are 'bulked out'?

Sticker books.
Pavement chalks.
Toy box with their name on.
Get a cheap suitcase from a charity shop and fill it with charity shop-bought dress up clothes, everyday stuff like purse, feather boa*, hats, gloves, waistcoat... Silly stuff that they can be inventive with, rather than 1 x Elsa costume, 1 x pirate costume etc.

* yes i realise it isn't exactly an everyday item! And yes, play with under supervision to prevent strangulation etc etc.

Or get stuff for their room - beanbag chair, window stickers (those that stick on with watervand perl off leaving no residue), create a reading nook.

eastmidswarwicknightnanny Sat 04-Nov-17 20:20:08

How about a wooden wobble board we have asked family for Mooney for ds2 third birthday at end Nov to club together to get him one as they are about £100 sells creatimber brand and sells wobble board brand

There are a few other brands

Rainbow rockers are also fab for 1-4yr olds

skankingpiglet Sun 05-Nov-17 20:49:53

elQuinto probably not, but her sister will! And getting a few £1 dinosaurs from Wilkos plus a couple of satsumas isn't going to break the bank.

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