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Buying a bike, now or in Jan sales?

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feejee Wed 01-Nov-17 09:18:20

I want to get my son a bike for his 4th birthday in February.

Question I have is for those with previous experience am I going to get a better deal now in the run up to christmas, or do you think ill get better deals in the January sales? Halfords seem to have half price on bikes now (and we could store it in grandma's loft).

Also, any recommendations for a first bike? He had a go on a few at Smyths at the weekend and loved the pink one best (thats for another thread...its just a colour it shouldn't matter) and has suddently become way more interested in his balance bike now.

BeaLola Wed 01-Nov-17 18:04:20

I bought in Nov last year for my now 9 yr old as Xmas gift and price wasn't any cheaper after Christmas at Halfords for same bike - guess depends how cheap it is ? From memory we bought around 20th Nov last year

Caroian Wed 01-Nov-17 18:29:39

Okay, my advice isn't exactly what you are asking but... how tall is he and what size frames did he try out? If he is close to being able to go up a frame size then I'd hold off for that reason. At just turned 4 my son was desperate for (and ready for) his first pedal bike but we ended up having to go with a 14 inch frame because he was just a bit too small for a 16. The 16 would have lasted him longer!

Also, you say he has become more interested in his balance bike now. How proficient is he on it? I'm firmly against stabilisers because I think they hinder kids rather than help. Pedalling is the easy bit of riding a bike. Balance is the bit they need to master and stabilisers prevents that. The key is making sure they are really proficient on a balance bike (confident gliding downhill etc) and then you can skip the stabilisers entirely. Kids that are good in balance bikes just lift their feet and pedal. I think it is better not to rush to get a bike just because it's a birthday, but give it to them when they are really ready for it.

Whatever you get, go for something lightweight. A heavy frame that a child can't carry themselves makes it harder for them to ride. Frog bikes and Isla bikes really are good. Our local bike shop has 10% off Frogs in November, but not sure if that is their discount or a Frog discount. You can also pick up second hand Frogs and Islas because they last well - this will obviously be cheaper. If you want to get something from Halfords, I'd recommend the Carrera Cosmos or similar.

feejee Mon 06-Nov-17 11:58:17

thank you for your advice, much appreciated.

mrsmayitstimetogo Mon 06-Nov-17 12:14:47

Frog and Islabikes are wonderful; you can get a new one and sell it on from a v high proportion of the price you paid; or get one second hand - they last and last.

mrsmayitstimetogo Mon 06-Nov-17 12:16:09

just seen he's 4. I can't recommend a frog/isla highly enough for this age. It matters a little less as they get bigger, but when they're small a light manoeuvrable bike w good brakes makes a massive difference.

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