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Tesco's Elves Behaving Badly

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BanyanTree Wed 01-Nov-17 08:47:41

I just popped into my local Tesco and by the self checkouts they had a display for their Elves Behaving Badly range. It seems to be a copy of Elf on the Shelf. At first I was a bit shock as I have in the past forked out the 30 quid for our elf, but now I'll admit its a great idea for those of us who don't want to fork out that much/ can't afford it.

There is an elf (I think its about £3.50) and there are accessories! A jumper, bad elf tape, a sleigh, door for skirting board. I bought some accessories for my existing elf. You can buy and elf and kit it out for about £12.

Anyway, if you are thinking of getting an elf you may want to consider this if you are finding the price eye watering. I think they will go quick though.

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