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Kids Karaoke Disco Machine?

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shebebutlittle Mon 30-Oct-17 06:53:27

My 2 DNs (7 & 5) love singing and putting on shows.

Does anyone have any recommendations for a kid's karaoke microphone machine.

I saw this one was recommended on another thread but it is a bit pricey (though I think can get it for £50 on eBay)

I know nothing about these things confused. Anyone have a cheaper but still good option?


vikjul Mon 30-Oct-17 08:22:01

I was the one who recommended the sing cube on the other thread. I was searching for an extra microphone for my dd the other day (fun to have one each when friends come over), and came across various wireless karaoke microphone with built-in light shows. I won't be getting one of those as we only need a plain microphone, but was thinking that it looked like a fun and simple alternative to a disco machine.

I can't post links, but if you search for Mi-Mic Karaoke Microphone with Bluetooth and Led Lights, that is the type of thing I mean. There seem to be several brands, iDance do a similar thing called iDance party mic.

Not sure about the sound quality (it all seems to be made in China), but as I wrote on the other thread, our iDance cube is surprisingly good, so perhaps these microphones can be good too. Worth investigating perhaps?

shebebutlittle Mon 30-Oct-17 10:13:44

Oh thanks, vikjul. I'll have a look smile

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