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Fancy(ish) socks in baubles or similar?

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TweeBee Sun 29-Oct-17 08:26:08

Has anyone seen any of these in the shops yet?
Usually we buy the DC's teachers Christmas socks as a little token and previously I have had some in a star shaped tin or bauble from boots and next, but can't see any on their websites this year?
Just trying to buy the easier things first before I get stuck on the tricky people to buy for!

gaggiagirl Sun 29-Oct-17 18:35:50

I'm sure primark have them, the Disney store do but at Disney store prices!

Unicorn81 Sun 29-Oct-17 18:41:03

Looks like they are boxed this year rather than bauble

Gingernaut Sun 29-Oct-17 18:46:39

H&M seem to have some.

Totes are usually the go to for that sort of thing.

TweeBee Sun 29-Oct-17 21:45:54

Thanks everyone. I will have a look. Both of the DC have male teachers this year so will I'm expecting a bit less choice but at least they will surely need socks and I reckon they must get tired off alcohol and chocs!

TweeBee Sun 29-Oct-17 21:49:12

The Disney ones look difficult to wrap!

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