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Tracks for Hot Wheels

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NamesNamesAndMoreNames Sun 29-Oct-17 07:15:49

My 3 year old loves his Hot Wheels.

Last Christmas we bought him a basic 'car shooter' track. It is good but he can't use it alone as putting it together is fiddly and the pullback mechanism is also difficult to use, you have to be quite strong.

He'd really like some sort of track for his cars, a simple loop the loop or even just some road bits he can configure.

The Hot Wheels own track looks just as tricky to put together, not very substantial and very expensive. Probably better suited to older children.

I've seen other types of track - Chad Vally etc but have no idea if they'd be compatible with his hot wheels.

Any good recommendations for a small car mad boy would be gratefully received!

NeitherNowtNorSummat01 Sun 29-Oct-17 07:36:52

Last year, we bought these for my son. They were from EArly Learning Centre and were both half price in the run up to Christmas

They get lots of play, although they are quite flimsy. THey are from a range called Big City, which comes with a track and a garage.

My only thing to be aware of is that Hot Wheels Cars won't do the loop the loop. They fit on the track fine but have a large front end (don't know technical name) so have a big over hanging but on the front and won't go up the loop. The hot wheels version must be a different angle. We had to buy the Big City cars as they work fine on the track. This may well we the case for all tracks of a similar vein

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