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Must haves for a baby girl

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OutlawFromHell Sat 28-Oct-17 18:16:20

Please throw some ideas at me for under £75 for an under 1.

Battleax Sat 28-Oct-17 18:17:38

Same as for a baby boy.

Parker231 Sat 28-Oct-17 18:19:30

How old - big difference between a 3 month and 12 months?

Santawontbelong Sat 28-Oct-17 18:20:53

Empty box and wrapping paper?!

DrinkFeckArseGirls Sat 28-Oct-17 18:21:37

Headband with a flower.
Soft high heels.
Frilly knickers.

DrinkFeckArseGirls Sat 28-Oct-17 18:23:13

Alternatively wrapping paper and a bottle of water plus some balloons. grin
Crayons/ toys for bath.
Books —for chewing_.

Battleax Sat 28-Oct-17 18:23:55

Drink grin

PugwallsSummer Sat 28-Oct-17 18:27:49

Something that they will enjoy for the whole of the year ahead. For example, a baby walker / a range of building blocks & little puzzles / a trike or ride on toy / A baby swing or outdoor activity centre.

You’ve got a decent budget there so there’s loads you could choose.

Think about longevity rather than something that will very quickly become age inappropriate. They change so quickly in the first couple of years, don’t they...

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