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Present for 7 year old - something he can play Spotify through - reconditioned ipod?

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Chocolateteabag Sat 28-Oct-17 17:16:29

Please can anyone confirm or suggest otherwise?

DS1(just turned 7) is getting into music - don't want to start getting cd's as we have a family Spotify account - don't really want to get him an ipad or other tablet though as he'll be on youtube before I can stop him

Is a reconditioned iPod the best way to go?

Lowdoorinthewal1 Sat 28-Oct-17 17:24:30

Ipod touch will access the internet too so that doesn't solve your problem.

There is a list here of the devices you can access Spotify with. I'd go for the BMW 7 Series myself. grin

Chocolateteabag Sat 28-Oct-17 19:29:48

Thanks @Lowdoorinthewal1 - I'm clearly going daft as yes of course - can't really not play it via a tablet to choose the songs he wants to hear.

I guess I will need to look at how to make sure he can't download any other apps onto whatever tablet we get... (he's 7, it won't take him long to find a way..)

MongerTruffle Sat 28-Oct-17 19:33:07

It seems a bit of a waste to get a tablet just to listen to Spotify which you can do through pretty much any internet-connected device.

Chocolateteabag Sat 28-Oct-17 20:25:52

I know - but what other internet connected device can I get instead? Don't have an old smart phone or other tablet I could give him

Carrie76 Sat 28-Oct-17 21:00:48

How about an echo dot

Lowdoorinthewal1 Sat 28-Oct-17 21:01:59

My DS is also 7 and having an ipad for Christmas. He really loves watching random fellas play minecraft and other kids taking tat toys out of boxes.

Hats off to you for fighting it off, but with limitations and safeguards around it (like never on the internet unless in room with adult) I don't think it's the end of the world. DS also has to check every app he downloads with me before he does it.

Needingsomeadvice Sat 28-Oct-17 21:39:09

My son got an ipod touch when he was 7. It was his best present ever!
You don't need to have him access YouTube or Safari (internet). My son still has restrictions on these at 10. You can have passwords and hide them, and you can also hide and disable downloading, in-app purchases, deleting apps, anything you want. I have all of it password protected and he has YouTube kids, all his music and quite a few apps he likes. I got a good deal back then for an ipod touch which was usually £180 and got for £120. I believe they will be cheaper now.

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