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AMAZON Fingerling? Have I been diddled? And not in a good way?!

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toastyarmadillo Wed 25-Oct-17 07:16:56

I follow the Christmas bargain shopping thread quite avidly and it's come to my attention that some of the fingerling purchased via amazon are either fake or simply never arrive.

I Bought 7 fingerling, one for each of my nieces from amazon, the seller's are HaoranUK and XIEJI. Has anyone else purchased from these specific amazon sellers and recieved their fingerling.

I'm panicking a bit as I have already paid out for 7 fingerlings at normal price, and can't really afford to buy another 7 from a different or more reliable store until I'm refunded (if they don't come)

Estimated delivery is between now and 2nd November, I'm dreading the real possibility I've messed up and the girls aren't going to get them at all.

Thoughts please, much appreciated.

NotTheDuchessOfCambridge Wed 25-Oct-17 07:18:30

Why are you panicking?

NotTheDuchessOfCambridge Wed 25-Oct-17 07:19:17

Ah right, you think they may be fake. Just sit tight and hope their not.

Trueheart1 Wed 25-Oct-17 07:19:48

I have ordered from sellers based in China before and items were never delivered but when that happened, I was always eventually given a full refund. The main irritating thing was not knowing if the item was coming or not.

NotTheDuchessOfCambridge Wed 25-Oct-17 07:21:28


NotTheDuchessOfCambridge Wed 25-Oct-17 07:22:22

blush they’re. Sorry. Fat thumbs, tiny keyboard.

WhoKn0wsWhereTheSlimeGoes Wed 25-Oct-17 07:23:28

How long ago did you order? Things from China do often take several weeks.

toastyarmadillo Wed 25-Oct-17 07:31:47

I guess I mainly panicking because I know the girls have fingerling high on their list, it's also a popular toy this year! I ordered them from a third party seller on amazon the 4th October. I've promised my siblings I would ensure the girls all got one, I hate letting people down.

I'm worried they won't come and by the time I've got a refund that I will struggle to find 7 of the things closer to Christmas. If I had enough spare cash I would be thinking about panic buying another 7 just incase. Luckily I don't have the spare cash and there's a possibility I could end up with 14 of them if I buy more and the original one's do come!

patientzero Wed 25-Oct-17 08:04:11

November 2nd is next week and Amazon have great customer service. If they haven’t arrived by the 3rd or they’ve arrived and they appear to be fake, get in touch with Amazon ASAP and they will refund you

DontOpenDeadInside Wed 25-Oct-17 08:14:13

I ordered 2, but think different seller. We're due to arrive today. However checked yesterday and the seller had disappeared from Amazon so emailed Amazon and they refunded same day. Give Amazon an email and they'll refund.

SideOrderofSprouts Wed 25-Oct-17 08:17:52

I get your panic especially as other retailers are putting limits on how many you can buy
I’m in the same
Boat. I ordered one from
eBay not at a massive bargain and then found out it’s a Toys r us exclusive so most likely fake. I have till8th of November to find out

DontOpenDeadInside Wed 25-Oct-17 08:22:48

My seller is FingerLife.

WhoKn0wsWhereTheSlimeGoes Wed 25-Oct-17 08:34:30

I would screenshot the delivery due date screen, they sometimes push the due date out and out. TBH I'd probably cancel now and go elsewhere.

Snowflakesandsparkle Wed 25-Oct-17 08:41:14

I ordered one from the ATYOU you seller on amazon, they have since disappeared and removed the there email address from Amazon, so all contact seller messages just go into their amazon message box which they'll never check.

Amazon have been brilliant in arranging a refund within a couple of days of me contacting them for assistance.

If you can, I'd try and get one when they come back in stock from Toysrus/Smyths etc

Aworldofmyown Wed 25-Oct-17 08:50:54

I would contact Amazon for a refund - most of these seem to be a scam. Mine was.

Pibplob Wed 25-Oct-17 09:10:24

I ordered from eBay and now thinking it's probably a fake. I'm guessing they don't do everything that the proper ones do? The only thing she wants this year too.

SideOrderofSprouts Wed 25-Oct-17 09:41:21

Just bought this from the entertainer. More expensive but it has a playset and at least we have one now

DontOpenDeadInside Wed 25-Oct-17 13:36:17

How much sprouts? I've reserved one at Argos for £30, was yours cheaper?

SideOrderofSprouts Wed 25-Oct-17 14:37:04

£25 and it’s gluttert

SideOrderofSprouts Wed 25-Oct-17 14:37:12


fannyfelcher Wed 25-Oct-17 14:58:08

With Argos you get the play set and two fingerlings for £30 and with Entertainer you get one glittery with the play set. I feel like I am a fingerling expert after all the stock hunting I have done this month but my daughter has the 2 monkey play set, a sloth and a unicorn. That better do her!

SideOrderofSprouts Wed 25-Oct-17 16:13:22

Fair enough. No argos here so can’t compare 😂

M5tothesouthwest Wed 25-Oct-17 16:17:05

Quite possibly fake yes. If buying on Amazon, only buy ones where Amazon is the seller (or other well known companies that also sell via Amazon). Many of these foreign sellers are fake.

zoomer456 Wed 25-Oct-17 17:53:47

Hi I ordered two from Amazon on 24 September from two different sellers: Walline and Atyou. Not had them yet x

dantdmistedious Wed 25-Oct-17 18:00:08

If hey turn up they're probably fake. In my hunting I came across loads of fakes even ones that do anything they're just a plastic monkey.

Smyths had them to preorder which I now have - I'm not sure if they have any in stock now though. Mine arrived last week.

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