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That old chestnut...stocking fillers for older teenage boys

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ssd Mon 23-Oct-17 10:42:14

I have 2 ds's and have bought them a stocking every year, so as I have two and its hard trying not to get them the same stuff I have done 38 boys stockings in total..

and yes, I've ran out of ideas, cleaned Menkind out and could supply Boots with Linx, One Million etc etc

has anyone got any ideas???

ssd Mon 23-Oct-17 10:44:59

have also done giftcard for prezzo/ Nando's

have done Nando's sauces

have done sweets and novelty keyrings/novelty bottle openers

have done top trumps for drinkers etc

have done headphones

have done microsoft points

wish they'd start wearing make up and getting their nails done, loads of choice there

haggisaggis Mon 23-Oct-17 10:55:34

I'm assuming mid - late teens.

If still at school or studying -
novelty stationery stuff - highlighter pens, funny sticky notes, desk tidies etc.
usb drives (the novelty ones are fun but not always reliable)
charging cables. Can never have too many!
Lego nano

Last year my nearly 17 year old ds got following in his stocking:
hair clay
Tool pen
Moon Ball
Sticky notes
Key Ring
choc lolly
Fountain pen
Smartphone projector
Bear piggy Bank
Cactus Pen
Cactus desk organiser
Hair Clay
Money Maze

Just need to think about this year's now!

StepAwayFromCake Mon 23-Oct-17 10:59:44

We don't worry about repetition. We can't! That way lies madness. And bankruptcy.

As our dc have grown older, our stocking policy has moved from 'things that will give us an extra hour in bed' so food, books, little toys etc, towards 'things that will not drive us nuts with clutter' so food, silly but useful underwear, single use or disposable stuff.

Our dc (eldest ds BTW is 17) expect and anticipate the edibles and the silly underwear - that's the stocking half-filled already.

BertieBotts Mon 23-Oct-17 11:00:01


Pens if they're studying at all - boys always lose them.

You can repeat things though? I didn't think it had to be totally new every year. Also how old are they? Surely you tell them it's their turn to do you a stocking grin I also wouldn't necessarily worry about doing stuff the same for both, DSis and I also had the same stuff in different colours/varieties.

sashh Mon 23-Oct-17 11:19:43


Who doesn't need emergency eyebrows?

WaxOnFeckOff Mon 23-Oct-17 11:43:10

Mine are 16 and 17 we've more or less gone down the edible route and I don't worry about the stuff being similar for them both.

Last year I put in big bags of crips and popcorn, bags of sweets, jars of nutella, hot sauce, new drinks bottles and mugs, new head torches, new penknife for one, usb sticks, smellies, magazine, book, headphones, socks, gloves and guitar picks.

So far this year I've got DS1 a 3d pen in the sale, a thing for strengthening your hands for DS2 (for his guitar playing). I'll stick to the food.drink items and more headphones and a magazine/book. Thinking some kind of fidget toy for Ds1, a shower timer for DS2, some beard stuff for DS2 and maybe a shaving subscription for DS1. Also a nice nail clipping type set.

Other things we've had in the recent past: mobile phone covers, wallet tools, paracord stuff, emergency whistles and bags, sporks (for DofE). Stress balls, tins of strong mints, chilli chocolate, stationary type stuff, wallets, pants/socks etc.

RhythmNBooze Mon 23-Oct-17 12:10:26

Pot Noodles especially Bombay bad boy flavourgrin

Chocolatecake12 Mon 23-Oct-17 14:09:27

How about some tools so they can start building up a collection they can leave home with? Allen keys, screwdrivers etc?
Then the novelty chocolates and sweets - how about going back to the days they were little kids and getting chocolate coins and a chocolate Santa?
Those funny face coasters
Hot choc and whisk?
Bottle of beer/cider
Wallet with money inside!
Costa voucher
Razor and shaving gel but a better one than usual
Gloves - cycling or otherwise
Stationary for school/college
Novelty choc spread - maltesers or bounty

hmmwhatatodo Mon 23-Oct-17 18:51:41

What about going retro and treating them to a satsuma and a bag of gold coins?

Serin Mon 23-Oct-17 19:35:03

Victorinox Credit card multi tool thingy (£15 Boots)
Greggs gift card.
Books, 50 places to bike before you die, Touching the Void, and a Brian Cox one.
Juggling sprouts (M and S)
Exploding Air rifle targets.
Nice belt.
Cushions for room.
Diablo toasted sandwich maker
Cake making kit!

I love the pot noodle idea!!

Taffeta Mon 23-Oct-17 20:00:09

Fish eye lens
Giant Galaxy bar
Old stylee jellied orange and lemon slices
Lynx shit
Nike socks
Manly fairy lights for bedroom

AllPizzasGreatAndSmall Mon 23-Oct-17 21:37:02

Some of your stockings must be enormous if they can fit cushions and sandwich makers in!

ssd Mon 23-Oct-17 22:14:03

great ideas here even if I've already bought most of them grin

the stockings are more work than anything

singadream Mon 23-Oct-17 22:25:21

Chocolate roulette. The ones where one is chilli flavour.

Old skool jokes. I mean everyone loves a whoopee cushion.

Voucher for cinema

Toenail clippers

Oyster card holder if in London



Everyone loves a wind up santa. Or sparkly yoyo. Don’t they?

USB stick

Some family photos in frames. Kind of things boys never organise themselves but love to have.

A novel. Something male. Catcher in the rye. Or Trainspotting. Or Fever Pitch.

ohanabanana Mon 23-Oct-17 22:39:49

What about telling them you’ve stopped doing stockings from now onwards because they’re too old and getting them a voucher for somewhere like Amazon instead with the money you would have spent?

Isadora2007 Mon 23-Oct-17 22:48:23

Get smaller stockings! I can’t beieve the amount some people seem to get in a flaming sock!

Driver stuff like keyring, de-icer and scraper. Mouth organ. Fidget spinner. Slinky. Putty. Drinks opener. Swiss Army knife or leatherman

millifiori Wed 25-Oct-17 20:03:24

We do:
a new front door key on a novelty key ring (because they're always losing theirs)
a dvd (dirt cheap these days and there's always a film or comedy series they want)
a tee shirt
coffee beans or good hot chocolate
expensive snacks I don't normally get them (pistachio nuts; very naice biscuits)
marshmallow, ginger or chocolate bubble baths - they love those sweet scented ones
hair clay
guitar picks/sheet music/capos
Viz annual/manga comic book/graphic novel
A mug
wash bag stuffed with aftershave, new flannel etc
sparklers and indoor fireworks
park of cards

Going to borrow some ideas on here - toenail clippers - why didn't I think of that. Ds2 is obsessed with his toenails and always nicking mine. Same with my hairbrushes. he loses his and nicks mine.

@Serin what are exploding air rifle targets?

Badders08 Wed 25-Oct-17 20:11:31

Ds1 is 14
He does year sweets or chocolate -- I know--
He isn't into trendy stuff or branded items
This year so far he's getting;
Funky usb stick
Blu ray
Star wars lightsaber toothbrush
Lip balm
Small tin of Pringles
Large bottle or tomato ketchup
Helicopter balloon
Lush showergel

secondhoneymoon Wed 25-Oct-17 20:16:55

There would be uproar if we stopped stockings for our young adults - it makes their Christmas as main gift is usually money towards something bigger they want. Boys are a nightmare tho.
I put in food things I know they like but we don't buy cos they're unhealthy (maple syrup, Nutella, chocolate cereal, pot noodles ) .
Lottery ticket if they are old enough. Christmas beer if they are old enough. Saw some Guiness flavour crisps in Aldi the other day, tho won't fit in a stocking.
Usually socks/boxers - boring but expected!!
Something fun like novelty toilet paper or a silly game (B&M bargains usually have things like that)

BlackForestCake Sat 28-Oct-17 13:57:34

Worthy feminist books!

Chocolatecake12 Sat 28-Oct-17 17:17:14

I was in Menkind yesterday and saw a few good ideas for stockings.
The new ladybird books
There was a great book called the very hungover caterpillar - I read it in the shop and lol blush maybe for older teens or adult men
Hey had small boxes of table games such as table bingo
Beer lolly (jelly sweet type)

millifiori Sat 28-Oct-17 20:57:07

Chocolate those Ladybird books are a great idea. DS1 was having hysterics at the Hipster one (we'd just spent a day in Shoreditch.)

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