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Decent socks???

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Thisandthat2017 Sun 22-Oct-17 21:56:13

Can anyone talk to me about great men's Socks? Incredibly hard to buy for hubby would actually appreciate this type of gift.

Minster2012 Sun 22-Oct-17 22:12:49

Everyday socks or walking socks? I was bought some socks by my DH last year, real funky ones by a company called Braintree, which are now called Thought, I also bought my DF & dB some with bikes on (cycling fans). Mine are my go to socks daily I've found, they wash brilliantly, have no seams, are nice & decent thickness, keep their shape & look fab (mine have funky animals on bright backgrounds). I've asked my DP for some more for Xmas as I basically keep rotating them! They are expensive in shops (£5 per pair?) or you can get them on eBay in some older designs under Braintree brand 4 for £12 .

If you want even better quality I've just bought some walking socks (but they do everyday ones too it seems) called Perilla Alpaca Socks which are lovely & super thick (the walking ones) & claim to only need washing once a week (so far I've worn mine for 3 days & about 15 miles dog walking & im prepared to wear them again!) & they are the toastiest socks I've ever had for my freezing feet. £18 each though & hand wash on wool cycle but claim to last 3 years. Bought a pair each for walking parent fans for Xmas & another for me!

Trumpton Sun 22-Oct-17 22:23:34

May I suggest my friends mohair socks from her own goats . I have bought DD's DH them every year and he says they are the best socks in the world. As above not cheap but £20 worth of heaven.

70isaLimitNotaTarget Sun 22-Oct-17 22:48:28

I buy DH socks from Costco (Pringle ones last time round)

For DD and I they had Carole Hochman soft fluffy socks <<<ahhh>>> luxe

Thisandthat2017 Mon 23-Oct-17 06:57:56

Thanks for the suggestions so far.

It is everyday socks that I'm looking for. He likes them quite boring - I bought m&s ones last year with one small bike at the top and he 'wasn't sure on them.' They are his go to favourites now. Seamless sounds good. I will check out those Braintree ones now. Thanks.

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