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Could you share your best Red Cabbage recipe with me please?

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schoolgaterebel Sat 21-Oct-17 12:13:01

And is it possible to freeze before hand and reheat on the day? Thanks everyone

viques Sat 21-Oct-17 12:24:47

I finely slice the cabbage, but not the stalk bit, and an onion then put in a casserole dish with a good lid. I add a very small amount of water and white wine vinegar and bake in a slow oven. Keep an eye on it, it shouldn't dry out but if you feel it might add a bit more water. About an hour before I want to eat I add a small dessert spoonful of soft brown sugar, a peeled finely sliced and chopped cooking apple and a pinch of caraway seeds and stir well. I don't use sultanas or raisins. freezes fine.

FeedMeAndTellMeImPretty Sat 21-Oct-17 12:28:44

I use the same things as viques but put it all in together at the start. I also add some mixed spice and orange zest when I'm making it for Xmas.

AalyaSecura Sat 21-Oct-17 12:32:15

This is the recipe I use, it's fab and can be frozen.

I use the leftover cider to make gravy for the turkey instead of wine.

NoParticularPattern Sat 21-Oct-17 12:34:58

I use Felicity Cloake’s recipe:

You’ll have to ignore all the initial waffle about trying other recipes and scroll to find her one at the end, but it’s absolutely fab. Freezes really well (actually I think it’s betterfor being frozen and reheated!) and I don’t bother with the red currant jelly as I don’t think it needs it. But it’s my default recipe and always goes down well.

2014newme Sat 21-Oct-17 12:38:06

Don't do the Jamie oliver one

tkband3 Sat 21-Oct-17 12:41:46

This one is my favourite. It freezes really well.

viques Sat 21-Oct-17 14:17:02

Just realised I forgot the butter. Stir in a knob of butter just before stirring to make it shiny.

schoolgaterebel Sat 21-Oct-17 19:17:06

Thanks everyone, those sound delicious!

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