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Does the cheese advert calendar need to be kept in the fridge?

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katymac Fri 20-Oct-17 22:45:07

DD is a cheese fiend

But lives in a student house; not sure how practical the advent calendar would be - does anyone know?

ladymariner Fri 20-Oct-17 23:28:24

Shouldn't worry....if she's anything like student ds it will be eaten by the first week of December!!

katymac Sat 21-Oct-17 08:49:30

I know - but she is travelling on the 25th Nov so I don't know if I should give it to her then or post it for the 1st

73kittycat73 Sat 21-Oct-17 23:21:19

Have you got one already? I've been looking in Asda online but haven't found one on there yet. I'd be interested to know too, if you put them in the fridge?

katymac Sun 22-Oct-17 07:17:20

I don't think we can but them until Nov and I think they have to stay in the fridge & disappointingly they only have 5 types of cheese sad

73kittycat73 Sun 22-Oct-17 22:14:34

Oh Ok, thanks for the info though. Might still get one for my mum if I can. She loves cheese. fgrin Are you still going to buy one?

katymac Sun 22-Oct-17 23:06:37

Not sure - I might make one with 24 cheeses I think

5 types seems a bit mean

BarbaraofSevillle Mon 23-Oct-17 14:14:33

I got really excited about the thought of a cheese advent calendar but was gutted about the 5 cheeses. It's not like there are only 5 different types of cheese to choose from is there now?

If you could get the outer packaging 'advent calendar' part right, I'm sure you could find 24 different little mini cheeses to make your own if you had several supermarkets locally to go to. M&S do a few for a start, as do most supermarkets.

IggyAce Mon 23-Oct-17 14:34:20

They go on sale at asda on 6th November I believe.

73kittycat73 Tue 24-Oct-17 01:36:49

Thanks Iggy, will keep an eye out for them.
I suppose you'd have to really like the 5 cheeses on offer, lol. I'll have a look, see what they contain then go from there.

LonginesPrime Tue 24-Oct-17 01:53:51

It’s cheese, so I’d say in a fridge or a consistently cold room.

Cheese that’s been left out in a warm room for 24 days is going to be pretty grim otherwise, isn’t it?

HollyBollyBooBoo Tue 24-Oct-17 03:14:26

I was so excited about this, but 5 types of cheese? How rubbish is that!

BarbaraofSevillle Tue 24-Oct-17 04:12:42

It does have to stay in the fridge, it says so on the bumpf about it and that the box is designed in a 'book style' to make that easier.

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