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Naice stationary

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christmasunicorn Wed 18-Oct-17 17:13:56

Hi I’d like some advice on where to get some nice stationary. It’s for a female adult, just after a notebook and some nice ballpoint pens. Don’t want anything massively expensive but a bit posher then Poundland. Sort of WHSmiths/paperchase budget.
I’ve seen the moleskine notebooks, are they worth the cost?

Nothingrhymeswithfamily Wed 18-Oct-17 17:25:47

I was in a paper chase last week and they had a few bits on sale. Might be worth a trip into one.
Etsy also has some nice bits.

HellYeh Wed 18-Oct-17 17:26:53

TK Maxx is great for stationery at great prices. Sometimes Sainsbury's too

Allthebestnamesareused Wed 18-Oct-17 17:44:08

I second TK Maxx for notebooks etc. Some lovely leather bound ones in there for under a tenner.

Unicorn81 Wed 18-Oct-17 17:51:34

These are really nice swarovski pens

christmasunicorn Wed 18-Oct-17 18:05:15

Ooo i never thought of tkmaxx, I will pop over there tomorrow.

Thank you for the Swarovski link unicorn they are lovely!!! I’m tempted to buy some for myself as I love sparkly stuff

NeitherNowtNorSummat01 Wed 18-Oct-17 19:38:30

CAth Kidston have some nice heavy chunky pens and lovely notebooks/ diaries/ shopping list thingies that you stick on your fridge. They would make a nice gift

Almostthere15 Wed 18-Oct-17 22:17:54

Just be careful with tkmaxx if the book isn't packaged. The price stickers are a nightmare to get off and they often spoil the product.

I've found some nice bits in Wilkinsons. There is a fair bit to wade through first

FusionChefGeoff Sun 22-Oct-17 23:27:14

WHSmith do some lovely books etc and usually have good 3 for 2 offers and online

Jessica78 Mon 23-Oct-17 07:51:59

Re: Moleskine - yes, they are worth it. I use them all the time and I wouldn't use anything else!

LittleNoSleep Mon 23-Oct-17 07:57:39

TK Maxx. Great stuff in there.

Guardup Mon 23-Oct-17 07:59:57

Kikki k has some lovely bits

ASqueakingInTheShrubbery Mon 23-Oct-17 08:01:32

I really like Paperblanks notebooks. They're available on Amazon.

Changerofname987654321 Mon 23-Oct-17 08:02:28

I second Wilko

pomadas87 Mon 23-Oct-17 08:03:37

Papier is lovely - online only - but good value and you can personalise things so make lovely gifts

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