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Ideas for 4 year old?

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PricklyCacti Mon 16-Oct-17 08:38:58

Dd will have her 4th birthday a few days before Christmas so I have the job of thinking of double the ideas for presents!

She really wants a Hatchimal but I refuse to buy one for that price so I was thinking those mini Hatchimal Collegtible things, as I think she will be equally as happy with them. Also getting her a couple of books. Maybe a few more practical things like a bedding set, new pants etc.

She loves anything to do with animals, my little pony, drawing/colouring, princesses, fairies and sparkly things.

She already has a balance bike (not ready for pedals yet), kitchen, two massive MLP castles with all the ponies, dolls house, baby dolls and pram/accessories.

Does anyone have any ideas? I am really struggling this year!

Grimmfebruary Mon 16-Oct-17 08:45:33

I personally wouldn't do bedding sets for presents, kids of that age just like opening things in my experience but bedding is a bit boring.
Pants in her stocking? I'm 25 and still get new knickers in my stocking 😂
Books? The book people have some great sets for less than 25 quid.
Craft things? Clothes for her doll? Build a bear with a costume change?

wtftodo Mon 16-Oct-17 08:51:04

My 4yr old just got a bike for her birthday, and despite us thinking she was a long way off riding it (she's only haphazard on balance bike) she got it right away.

Games? Like orchard games type thing.. for Christmas she is getting the next size up scooter, a dominos kit or marble run, some moana lego to go with some second hand lego, and books. Things still LOVED from last Christmas include magmagic magnetic tiles, Lottie doll, and art stuff

PricklyCacti Mon 16-Oct-17 09:05:05

I thought that at first but she would probably love a bedding set. She gets really excited over them! She will get loads of toys from family so I’m trying to think offer practical things she could do with too but everything seems so boring.

Scooter is a good one. Any recommendations? I’d like to look at getting her a decent one.

Will look at all the other recommendations too, thanks!

Grimmfebruary Mon 16-Oct-17 09:22:24

If she is only 4 the character scooters from Argos are actually prettt sturdy - one bought 4 years ago has been passed down and is still going strong! They have 3 wheels instead of 2, making balancing easier.

If she is very girly, the Ella Bella ballerina books are beautiful, I've just bought them for my 4 year old niece.

If you are looking for 'practical' things, for my nieces 4th birthday I bought one of the plastic baths from Wilkos used for making hampers up, and put matey bubble bath, a shower cap, hair turban and hair bobbles and slides in and she was really impressed with it 😂

Grimmfebruary Mon 16-Oct-17 09:26:05

These are the 'baths' I mean, little storage things haha. I got a pink one. Also put a tangle teezer brush and detangling spray in. For that kind of stuff, the pound shop is your friend!

EvilCleverDog Mon 16-Oct-17 09:27:50

Why not just get her the hatchimal if that's what she wants?

My mum does this to my dc - asks them what they want, they tell her then she spends the same amount what the big item is on plastic tat so they have more to open. They'd rather the one present!

wtftodo Mon 16-Oct-17 09:30:21

Micro scooter are the ubiquitous ones, for a reason. The mini micro deluxe is great but if your daughter is tall, like mine, best to go straight for the maxi micro - my dd is 110cm. Plus there are loads of accessories you can add to stocking or request from family e.g. Lights, scooter pull (makes it easier to carry), bell, basket or bag, tassels etc

peachy94 Mon 16-Oct-17 09:37:25

My 4yo DS is getting a proper bike or a micro scooter, loads of Lego (it's all he's asked for) the big set of crayola crayons/pens that's in the Argos 2 for £15, possibly an easel (one from Ikea is cheapest) junior monopoly, ludo, connect 4, shopping trolley game, letter/word matching game and a phlat ball. For his 4th birthday he got the playmobil hospital (it's currently on offer in Asda) play doh, kinetic sand and more Lego. We also took him to Lego land which he loved! If she doesn't need any more toys what about a day/weekend out somewhere?

PricklyCacti Mon 16-Oct-17 09:42:39

Thanks everyone! Loads of good ideas.

I dunno about the Hatchimal. It’s something she’s mentioned a few times because she likes to watch all the toy videos on YouTube but it just seems so expensive for what it is. And I feel so bloody uptight saying that! I’m usually pretty relaxed about getting her what she wants but I saw last year the reviews weren’t great. Should I just suck it up and get her one?

whosafraidofabigduckfart Mon 16-Oct-17 09:45:28

My DD 7 loved scleich animals (still does), they're fantastic for stockings)
She loved playmobil (she'd a house Farm and school at that age) which she played with incorporating all her animals

She also got a vet tent (I think chad valley) along with a vet bag and bandages, medicine syringes, all the soft toys had regular check ups.

wobblywonderwoman Mon 16-Oct-17 09:47:16

I think I would get her a scooter.
I have a 3&4 year old and they have a lot already plus a late Nov birthday.

As fillers, I would get the animations of Gruffalo, Stick man

EvilCleverDog Mon 16-Oct-17 09:54:17

They're £56 in Tesco at the minute. If it would make her happy I'd get it, rather than trying to find things she might like.

SockEatingMonster Mon 16-Oct-17 10:01:32

She may well like a bedding set, my DC have always been genuinely excited to open them. The same with those big fluffy 'teddy bear' blankets.

DS just turned 9 and got 1 'big' present, plus 2 smaller ones, of which one was a bedding set with a pug on it. He squealed and air-punched when he unwrapped it hmm DD has twice been bought character bedding for Christmas from a family friend and was very excited both times, she was around 4 and 5 at the time.

We are in no way a puritanical/lentil-weavy type household and my DC are as shallow and materialistic as the next child!

Annwithnoe Mon 16-Oct-17 10:27:26

Honestly I'd get her the hatchimal.

It's like Mr Frosty - so many parents recognised it for the utter waste of money that it was and bought sensible stuff that year that was lived and played with. But it tops every mumsnet thread about the toy you didn't get for Christmas.

PricklyCacti Mon 16-Oct-17 10:44:26

I tonight bedding set was a good idea really! Especially if it’s got cute animals on it or something. I think she would be excited about anything wrapped in wrapping paper to be honest.

I’ll see what DP says about the Hatchimal. I do know she would be happy with the mini ones but now I feel a bit tight about it.

EvilCleverDog Mon 16-Oct-17 10:57:20

Sorry if I made you feel like that, it wasn't my intention flowers

the mr frosty comparison is a good one. I always wanted a 'stop me and buy one' ice cream maker but never got one.
It's funny as I can't really remember the things I did get, just the things I didn't if you see what I mean.

Re bedcovers - I bought the dc Christmas themed ones one year, they come out again on the last day of school before they break up for xmas holidays and come off at new year. They're 13/14 now and it's one of our traditions now we don't do the Santa thing anymore although that will start up again soon as we have a new baby

PricklyCacti Mon 16-Oct-17 11:09:56

Oh no don’t worry! I know in reality I should just get her what she wants because it would be so special for her. It’s just my adult brain coming in to play not wanting to spend money on crap. The Mr Frosty analogy is good. Guess what toy I didn’t get as a child grin

Fueledwithfairydustandgin Mon 16-Oct-17 11:26:36

I didn't get mr frostyeither. I can totally see where you're coming from with the total rip off that is hatchimals though. What about a vet kit made with real equipment rather than toys? Riding lessons?

PricklyCacti Mon 16-Oct-17 12:34:40

I think the vet kit is such a great idea. She’s extremely cautious of everything and would never sit on a horse even though she loves them sad

whosafraidofabigduckfart Mon 16-Oct-17 16:54:05

Prickly - I added extra stuff into bag including a real stethoscope, medicine syringes, real bandages

PricklyCacti Mon 16-Oct-17 19:13:31

That looks great! She would absolutely love it. Thank you

Shemozzle Mon 16-Oct-17 19:37:27

Playmobil! To steer DD4 away from watching crappy LOL doll videos and hatchimals videos on YouTube; I put on Playmobil videos. I love Playmobil because if they get into it, you can always find easy presents. They have everything you can think of from princesses and unicorns to educational history sets. DD4 wants a the light up Ferris wheel and swimming pool. My older DD loved all the princessy and animal safari sets.

Hatchkmals I think you are right to be wary. I'm not against overpriced tat if it will he played with. DD4 plays and plays with her really overpriced LOL dolls so reluctantly she is getting a few more. But every review I've read about the Hatchimals are that the don't get looked at after they've hatched Christmas Day. The little sets look better value for stocking fillers.

I'm also getting DD4 either a Bloopie bath doll or mona figures for the bath and a set of Sylvanian families.

PricklyCacti Mon 16-Oct-17 20:38:50

Yes that’s exactly how I feel about Hatchimals. She loves the LOL Dolls too. I almost fainted when I agreed she could have one and it cost me a tenner! She does play with it and the little sister one she also has a lot though. Have you seen the giant £60 ones?!!!

She actually had the Playmobil advent calendar last year which has been played with constantly so that’s a really good idea smile

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