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Token gift for sil's new partner

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SundayLunchHappy Fri 13-Oct-17 10:45:41

Dashing through the pants... on a one horse open ironing basket.....

Morning merry people,

Just having a mini melt down trying to think of something non boring but inexpensive to give to my sil's new boyfriend who will be joining her for the festivities at my in laws this year.

I've only met the chap once, but from what I gather he is quite outdoorsy, vegetarian and plays hockey. So other than the vegetable day of the week pack of socks my dh suggested which I secretly think is brilliant I'm a bit stuck on what to buy.

Is a box of homemade toffee and some homemade liquor okay? He's mid twenties and looks scarily trendy.

INeedToEat Fri 13-Oct-17 11:49:19

I've brought these as token gifts for guys before. The packaging is very nice quality and has a Xmas theme (you can also get them in John Lewis),

SundayLunchHappy Fri 13-Oct-17 12:17:58

Thanks! Looks very smart and erm 'cool' blush. If John Lewis has them in store that would make life easier. You're right about the packaging, very nice.

lemmity Fri 13-Oct-17 12:56:26

I'm voting vegetable day of the week socks!

imnot Fri 13-Oct-17 19:12:11

Where do you get vegetables days of the week socks? They sound fab

SchadenfreudePersonified Fri 13-Oct-17 19:19:55

I would like to know where you get them too - and do they have therefor ladies?

Fueledwithfairydustandgin Fri 13-Oct-17 20:11:28

cant your sister help? My DH wouldn't be a fan of smellies and he doesn't sound too dissimilar. What about a chunky knit hat, a nice base layer, some nice beers, vegi cook book, some sort of joint experience present for them

yorkshireyummymummy Fri 13-Oct-17 20:14:37

I would get him a tin or packet of emergency fake moustaches.
A man should never be without them.
I got my husband some a couple of years ago.
We have had more fun with those than anything else I have ever got him!!

Stompythedinosaur Fri 13-Oct-17 22:30:29

Does he by any chance have a trendy beard? If so nice beard oil is a good gift.

I think homemade toffee and liqueur sound nice.

chocolatespiders Fri 13-Oct-17 22:35:46

Nice bottle of Beer with curling ribbon around the neck of bottle.

nightshade Fri 13-Oct-17 22:39:21

Another vote for the socks.......double pair high quality....everyone gets the joke and really do really want to emotionally invest at this least he can easily retract if things don't work out!!

nightshade Fri 13-Oct-17 22:40:37

Ooh yes Yorkshire mum...have you a link...think my husband might like them for Christmas!

SchadenfreudePersonified Sat 14-Oct-17 13:16:04

emergency fake moustaches

Here! Take my money!

SundayLunchHappy Sat 14-Oct-17 18:08:56

Love the sound of the fake moustaches! Not sure I'd be brave enough to buy a hat and too poor stingy to buy experience type gift at this stage.

Will find link to veg socks!

mumonashoestring Sat 14-Oct-17 19:59:48

Saw some mini pinball games in M&S today, they're £8 and the kind of thing that's perfect for Christmas day/Boxing day grin Especially with some nice chocs or a bottle of something.

yorkshireyummymummy Sat 14-Oct-17 20:17:24

I'm so useless I don't know how to do a link.
But I can do a screenshot!! Hoorah!
Just type fake moustache set into Amazon or eBay and you get lots of choices. Seriously, we have had so much fun and laughs with them!!

nightshade Sat 14-Oct-17 22:25:54


Normalserviceissuspended Sat 14-Oct-17 22:27:18

Craft beer?

McSleepy Sat 14-Oct-17 22:51:37

How about a game? Exploding kittens, Obama llama, cards against humanity?

Aftershock15 Sat 14-Oct-17 22:59:31

What about some funky hockey socks? One of mine had a pair that were coloured like a pint of Guinness but said genius on them. Oddballs also do bright sports socks.

SchadenfreudePersonified Sun 15-Oct-17 18:47:04

Thank you Yorkshire yummy mummy

That's my Christmas shopping (for both sexes) sorted ! grin

yorkshireyummymummy Sun 15-Oct-17 23:59:01

Schadenfreude It's my pleasure. Hope you get as many laughs from them as we have had!

AdaColeman Mon 16-Oct-17 00:10:15

Round Christmas time you can often get packs of a bottle of beer with its appropriate glass, the likes of Sainsbury's & Tesco have them.

As he's outdoorsy, a stick of sunscreen, maybe a coloured one like skiers use.

A pair of thermal gloves with special finger tip to use with phone.

chocolatespiders Mon 16-Oct-17 06:21:23

Ada - sainsburys have a bottle of beer with nice glass pack for £4.00 I got one for dd teacher at the end of the school year. It looked more expensive than it was!

seven201 Mon 16-Oct-17 09:19:53

I think your toffee and liquor idea sounds perfect

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