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When do you put your tree up?

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DeltaG Fri 13-Oct-17 07:48:07

Just that really!

I'm having a c-section on Jan 4th and live in a different country to both my family and DH's, so it will just be us and baby DS for Christmas at home. His family will be over visiting us at the end of November and I wondered if it would be too early to put the tree up for it and have a sort-of 'mini Xmas'? What do people think?

HeffalumpsnWoozles Fri 13-Oct-17 08:02:02

Mini Christmas sounds like a great idea, the longer the tree is up the better for me grin I usually put mine up the first day of December

TheNewMrs Fri 13-Oct-17 08:03:47

I usually do it the end of November smile I like it to be up for the 1st. Means I can start wrapping family presents and putting them underneath too!

ziggiestardust Fri 13-Oct-17 09:32:40

I like it to be up for 1st too!

Mini Christmas sounds lovely. We have Pretend-mas in our house, where all the in laws come and we have Christmas Day the week before Christmas because we all have Christmas either with our own little households, or with other family members. It saves any hard feelings or pressure on Christmas Day and Boxing Day; the GPs have seen their GDC opening their gift and been thanked... it really does work!

FireflyGirl Fri 13-Oct-17 11:02:33

Usually, I put mine up the first weekend in December.

Personally, if you're having a 'mini-Christmas' with family, I'd definitely put the tree up. Then it's up to you if you keep it up, or put it in the spare room still decorated for a few weeks take it down and put it back up a couple of weeks later. If your DS is under 1, he's not going to get confused by having the tree up early, or it going up and coming back down, so do whatever's easiest and most festive.

confused123456 Fri 13-Oct-17 11:07:15

We put ours up the 1st weekend in December

blacksmiths09 Fri 13-Oct-17 11:07:38

I’m putting our trees/stuff up the 1st week of November!!


WipsGlitter Fri 13-Oct-17 11:30:01

I'm a grinch and hate the tree up early. I'm hoping to hold off until 16 December but might have to compromise on the 9th.

CadburySpot Fri 13-Oct-17 13:23:43

Usually sometime around the 12th of december depending on when I have a day off work

MonaChopsis Fri 13-Oct-17 14:29:06

Last weekend of November or the first weejend of December, whichever is closest to December 1st!

hmcAsWas Fri 13-Oct-17 14:30:42

Mid December - but in your case with family staying at the end of November I might be tempted to put it up earlier

FlowerTink Fri 13-Oct-17 14:57:06

Either the last weekend of November or the first weekend of December smile I like it to be close to Dec 1st so whichever weekend is closer is what we do.

I think your mini Christmas sounds lovely smile

BeyondThePage Fri 13-Oct-17 14:59:44

mid December otherwise I'm sick of it by Christmas - but we have a real one and they need watering and hoovering up after etc.

NoWordForFluffy Fri 13-Oct-17 15:08:25

I'm the same as some PP and do it the nearest weekend to 1st December, so that could be the last weekend in November. This year I'll hold out until 2nd! Just. 😂🎄

QuopQuop Fri 13-Oct-17 15:09:20

Last weekend in November! I'd put it up earlier but DH won't let me haha

I have certain decorations up now like a countdown and Santa soap dispenser ( was too excited so impulsively bought it two weeks ago and put it straight in the bath room)

TeenTimesTwo Fri 13-Oct-17 15:14:27

Last day of term, so that will be Dec 21st this year.
I cannot cope with school and Christmas simultaneously.
Comes down last day of school holidays (or 12th night, whichever comes first).

Blackandpurple Fri 13-Oct-17 15:18:28

I clean madly on the last Saturday of November then tree up the following afternoon.

Normalserviceissuspended Fri 13-Oct-17 15:18:28

Christmas eve morning. In the country used to go out an buy in then but hard in a city so buy a few days earlier and leave in garage.

DaisyRaine90 Fri 13-Oct-17 17:06:26


Allergictoironing Fri 13-Oct-17 18:35:43

Used to be the weekend closest to half way between 1st December and Christmas day. But now I have cats, so putting up the tree only conmsists of getting the mini fibre optic one out & spreading the branches out.

In our old family home, we would buy a real tree 2 weeks into December, pot it to let it settle, then decorate the following weekend so about 10 days before Christmas Day.

Mrsmadevans Fri 13-Oct-17 18:38:29

Usually the 1st of Dec but this year my DD1 will be home from Uni around the 18th Nov and am sorely tempted to put it up before she goes back because she is doing Nursing and on placements so doesn't come home much . I think go for it OP !

Pinkvoid Fri 13-Oct-17 18:40:10

1st December

wobblywonderwoman Fri 13-Oct-17 18:40:29

We always put it up halfway through December but lately I put it up the first weekend in December. But I take it down after new years day.

In your position of course you should..then take down after new years day. Try and have the house fresh and clean for baby arriving.

thegreenheartofmanyroundabouts Fri 13-Oct-17 18:44:40

We put ours up the weekend before Christmas. It stays up until 12th night.

This year with Christmas Day on a Monday It may go up two days before. The down side is that if anything is broken I won't be able to buy replacements as Christmas in the shops stops before Christmas.

SymphonyofShadows Fri 13-Oct-17 22:15:24

Ideally I'd put mine up on 16th but it's probably going to be more like 9th as we are away between Christmas and NY and I'm tempted to take it down before we go. I usually can't wait to get rid of it after Boxing Day.

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