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What are your 9 year old ds asking for?

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kayls37 Thu 12-Oct-17 12:43:40

Hi I am really struggling for ideas for my 9 year old son for Christmas , the only thing he is really interested in now is his PS4 and YouTube.. he hasn't asked for anything, last year everything was lego but he doesn't have the same interest in it anymore! What has your 9 year olds asked for?

MomToWedThorFriday Thu 12-Oct-17 12:49:49

My 9yo DS has asked for a pair of heelies, a power rangers sword thing and a guitar.

2014newme Thu 12-Oct-17 12:51:47

I have girls but similar situation. They don't play with toys any more and are tricky to buy for plus have a birthday before then!

firawla Thu 12-Oct-17 12:55:32

Football kits, monopoly gamer edition, they were desperate for FIFA 18 so got that already but good present if not?

kayls37 Thu 12-Oct-17 13:06:32

Monopoly gamer edition looks good will add that to his list, thank you 😊 It is so hard, his sister who is 6 is so much easier to buy for. He did mention a phone but I still think he is a bit young.

Turquoisetamborine Thu 12-Oct-17 13:19:10

He wants a tangle teezer (to stop him pinching mine), a new micro scooter, FIFA 18, wrestling toys, some new trainers, any Tom Gates or Diary of a Wimpy Kid books he doesn't already have.
His birthday is Boxing Day and we are giving him £100 to take to the sales to spend on clothes as he's really into fashion now.

TooCoolForScool Thu 12-Oct-17 13:22:40

Mine is 10 but ..

A sprocket
An air printer
Xenoverse figures

eyebrowsonfleek Thu 12-Oct-17 13:24:24

I found gadget sites likes IWantOneOfThose had good ideas for pressies.

FoxInABox Thu 12-Oct-17 13:58:49

My 9yo DD is after an air hogs thunder trax thing. She is very tomboyish. Other than that she’s asked for a drone and a laptop.

Sloegin2 Thu 12-Oct-17 22:52:54

My ds is 8 but he's after:

A stunt scooter
Stickbot animation studio
New diary of a wimpy kid book
Games for his Nintendo switch

Annwithnoe Fri 13-Oct-17 11:34:23

I have a DS8 and DS9 showing interest in:

Lego Boost (the robot thing)
Minecraft Lego
Minecraft soft toys
Minecraft books
Seaquest books
Asterix books
Timmy Failure books
Dogman from Capt Underpants series

and I'm predicting an interest in Lego Ninjago once they see the new film

MegBusset Fri 13-Oct-17 11:46:41

I have 8 and 10yo DSes - they are each getting a Kindle Fire plus Bluetooth speakers for their rooms.

Aside from that they have asked for books, chocolate, Yu-Gi-Oh cards, and DS2 has asked for some glowsticks and a bunch of flowers!

They will also get some Lego.

Maryann1975 Sat 14-Oct-17 00:02:36

Ds9, tv, bike, fifa 18, football team stuff and his mate has just had heelys and his sisters already have them so I’m predicting that they will go on the list too.
I am concerned there is no Lego on the list, what will we do on Christmas afternoon if there is no Lego to build smile

DropZoneOne Sat 14-Oct-17 00:06:03

A puppy.

It's not happening.

WhatWouldTheDoctorDo Sat 14-Oct-17 10:50:13

X box one
Console games
Harry Potter stuff
Lego boost
Nexo knights Lego.
Bluetooth speaker.
Gaming headphones

It’s a hard age I think, but these are either things he’s mentioned or ideas we’ve had for him.

Dailystuck71 Sat 14-Oct-17 11:58:50

DS has asked for a camera.

We are also pondering a tv for his room with built in DVD player. Not actually to connect to tv though.

onestepforwardtenstepsback Sat 14-Oct-17 13:23:51

A go pro

Justoneme Sat 14-Oct-17 13:29:58

Go kart
And a message chair 😂😂

CoffeeChocolateWine Mon 16-Oct-17 20:43:37

He's not getting all of these and he does also have his birthday before Christmas so this is a combined birthday/Christmas list:
A stunt scooter or a tri-slider scooter
Air Hogs Hyper Drift Drone or the Air Hogs Thunder Trax
Spy gear
Walkie Talkies
New guitar
Set of crystals
New Tom Gates book

Juanbablo Tue 17-Oct-17 06:36:38

Ds1 will be 10 by Christmas but he wants soccer stars, Astro trainers, Diary of a Wimpy Kid book, BMX.

MuddlingThroughLife Tue 17-Oct-17 08:15:53

Ds is 10 and would like a video camera for making you tube videos.

Sorvats Fri 03-Nov-17 17:09:40

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

missyB1 Fri 03-Nov-17 17:19:23

My 9 year old ds has asked for something to play music on in his bedroom, he also loves his story CDs so its a Cd player that you an also use a USB and bluetooth.
He still likes car race tracks so getting him a glow in the dark one.

GinFuzzy Fri 03-Nov-17 17:27:31

DS9, wants a new TV for his room and a drone. Extra bits I've bought for him include a Bluetooth speaker, bananagrams and Lego. Considering the playmobil big boat, and going to get some vouchers for cinema/trampoline places etc

WipsGlitter Fri 03-Nov-17 17:29:58

Marking for ideas!

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