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Let's talk about Sandringham

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MrsMerryFestive Sun 08-Oct-17 18:27:54

Christmas Eve is on Sunday, so we're off to see the Queen 👑🎄⛪️

But when will she be going to church? Sunday morning as usual? Or just for evening service?

Anyone else going to Sandringham over the festive season?

Which Royals do we think will be there? Not the Cambridges - are they usually with the Middletons when pregnant?

ohanabanana Mon 09-Oct-17 22:16:09

I've no idea but I have very fond memories of standing on a lane outside Sandringham church one Christmas with my parents when I was quite young, waiting for the queen. We saw loads of them, all in cars but driving past slowly - queen & Philip, Charles and Diana, Andrew and fergie and a few of the others. The queen told her driver to pull over as a small girl near us had some flowers for her.

2anddone Wed 11-Oct-17 14:26:07

I would assume they will do the morning service as traditionally they have their Christmas dinner and presents on Christmas Eve in the evening.
They don’t tend to go to midnight mass and I can’t see that will be any different just because it’s a Sunday?
I will be able to tell you at the start of December when our parish magazine is delivered and I can see who is conducting which service.
They never announce which services the Queen will attend but the person listed as conducting the service is usually a Cannon, Arch Bishop or Deacon which gives Usborne a good tip off wink.
The whole Royal Family (minus Cambridge’s I would expect as the last couple of years they have either been at the Middletons or stayed at Anmer) will definitely attend Christmas Day but I would think the Queen and Philip then maybe a few others will be there Christmas Eve....

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