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Combined Christmas present for 3 children

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Spanishsunawaits Sun 08-Oct-17 12:38:47

My DD and her partner have 4 children between them. She boy aged 5, he boy aged 10 and girl aged 4. One between them 11mths. As his children have a really big extended family, they get an awful lot of presents and they also include my grandchildren, so many presents for all of them.

Because of this, I don't want to buy individual presents to add to the pile, but I'd like to buy something between them but am stuck for ideas. Last year I bought them a really big trampoline and they loved it, it really went down well. Id like to do the same this year but am stuck for ideas. I am happy to spend around £100 which is approx £30 each I would have spent on individual presents. Any ideas?

Ricekrispie22 Sun 08-Oct-17 14:21:58

My children got this as a combined present last year
It's a bit under your budget but would suit the large age gap.
In a similarl vein, there's this

CosmicPineapple Sun 08-Oct-17 14:25:38

Could you pay for a family ticket (or part of) to an attraction/zoo/theme park/theater show?

BeyondTheMoon Sun 08-Oct-17 14:27:32

What about a family ticket to your local wildlife park or similar? Or a subscription each to a monthly magazine if such things exist for the right age groups?

peachy94 Sun 08-Oct-17 14:35:36

I think garden toys are the best for joint presents. A big slide, climbing frame, a nice wooden sandpit? A tablet or games console? Or as PPs suggested a season ticket to somewhere they like to go or a single trip to a theme park or something similar

Avebury Sun 08-Oct-17 15:11:49

Table football
Cinema/pizza express vouchers
So many good board games around
Giant beanbags
Giant Connect 4 for the garden

whatnextfred Sun 08-Oct-17 15:13:00

National trust membership

0to3SadOnions Sun 08-Oct-17 15:25:19

Buy a wooden box and fill it with colouring books, paper, pencils, felt tips, crayons, pva glue, plasticine and other craft type things like feathers, googly eyes, beads etc. You'll get a huge amount for £100 that will last for ages.

I'm doing this for my 14 year old dd as she hasn't got anything 'big' on her list this year, but will also add a hot glue gun and air drying clay. She's quite the artist so getting her more up brand than she normally buys but not the £2000 Copic pens she really wants

noramum Sun 08-Oct-17 15:44:45

I think the age gap is too big and I see how DD's friends (all 10) are sometimes fed up with sharing with younger siblings, especially if they are at the opposite ends of an age range.

Hard to get board games fitting all, equally I would think a climbing frame is still very exciting for a 10 year old.

I would go for the "event" gift. A day out where they all seem to want to go. Theme park, zoo, theatre. It may be over the budget but you may do these kind of things anyway so just add what your normal budge for a day out is and add it on.

We did Merlin passes one year as a family gift, we most likely would have gotten to some of the attractions anyway but this mean we could go more often and had the money back fast.

LucieLucie Sun 08-Oct-17 17:17:26

I’m confused why you’re buying a joint present for just 3 children when they have 4 children in total?
Are you not including the baby?

Spanishsunawaits Sun 08-Oct-17 17:55:39

Some great ideas here thanks. I like the event idea that Mum and Dad can take part in to. I didn’t include baby as I’ll just get something separate for him. It was the main 3 I wanted to combine.

Isadora2007 Sun 08-Oct-17 18:02:38

I like the idea of a popcorn maker then spend the rest on separate dvds for the younger kids and a Netflix pass for the older one. You get popcorn 🍿 boxes from Poundland too and maybe even some cheap fleecy blankets for cinema nights in?

Or a day out pass for zoo/wildlife park would be okay too...

Fueledwithfairydustandgin Sun 08-Oct-17 18:19:19

Waffle maker and a hamper with fun toppings?

youokayhun Mon 09-Oct-17 07:12:29

Some people confused the baby is 11months old....I daresay its obvious why that particular child is not being included in a joint present!!

I have a similar family with my partner bar the baby and as well as their own individual gifts we gave a couple of joint ones such as a huge box of Lego which they all love playing with (5/6/8) or as another poster suggested a craft box (was just thinking to myself I'd do that this year!!!) I also would like to make them a Lego table so they have a bit more space rather than hovering over a box bashing heads!

Spanishsunawaits Mon 09-Oct-17 17:15:40

It did seem to me pretty obvious why the baby was excluded, but never mind! I do like the idea of the craft box but I have checked out a popcorn maker which I think they would love esp if I get the boxes from Poundland. I've also found a wildlife centre not too far away that I know they have never been to, so will get a family day pass for that.

So thanks everyone for your great ideas, it has been so helpful, much appreciated!

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