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6 year old really wants the nerf go kart

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Jupitertomars Fri 06-Oct-17 12:36:32

I'm mostly against getting him one as at £220 I don't think it'll be worth it but he really would love it and is it worth it to see his face light up on Christmas morning?

We could afford it so that's not really the issue but I just feel £220 could be better spent.

Has anyone got one for their DC? How often do they play on it? How do you store it? Where do they play on it?

He is out all the time with his friends on his scooter. I can't imagine it'll be fun on his go kart whilst his friends are whizzing past on their scooters. I think the novelty will wear off very quickly.

I do have the option to buy a cheaper go kart but he's very much set on the NERF cart so I don't see much point.

I'm really undecided!

Also if I were to buy it, where would be the best place? I should of probably got it in the smyths £10 off per £50.

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