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Does everyone know about

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tistheseason2bjolly Thu 05-Oct-17 08:30:52

It is a website where if you copy+paste the Amazon item you wish to buy in the search bar you can see the previous prices for an item.

You can also sign up (for free) and price watch an item, setting the price you are willing to pay then they email you when the item goes down in price.

TheClacksAreDown Thu 05-Oct-17 08:33:25

Yes it is great

SideOrderofSprouts Thu 05-Oct-17 09:40:59

Yes been using it for years

OutComeTheWolves Thu 05-Oct-17 09:42:10

Ooh never heard of it but will be using it from now on. Thanks op!

Wondermoomin Fri 06-Oct-17 21:20:21

Yes it's great, although worth knowing that it doesn't capture Prime exclusive pricing.

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