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horacemorris Wed 04-Oct-17 12:38:35

Has anyone got a Cozmo robot? I have bought one for my dc for Christmas but not sure as to whether I need to set it up before hand to check it works. I have charged it and linked it to Wi-Fi but not downloaded the app yet. I don't want to do anything else with it as I assume the initial set up process will personalise it with my dc or will I be able to reset if so they don't realise I have already tried it out?

teaandakitkat Sun 15-Oct-17 16:26:45

I was searching Mumsnet for reviews because my son is desperate for one of these for Christmas. But yours is the only post on the whole site so far. Seems like a whole lot of money, I can't decide.
Sorry I can't answer any of your questions

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