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Birthday just before Christmas

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papersmile Mon 02-Oct-17 14:14:35

My daughter's birthday is a couple of days before Christmas. Have you got any ideas for a 'thing' to do rather than presents? She will get something to unwrap but I would really like to do something with her as she will be getting presents a few days later.

She will be 7. I don't really fancy pantomime, and I have looked at a night away in a treehouse or something but can't find anything that close to Christmas.
Any ideas?

ferriswheel Mon 02-Oct-17 14:18:46

Personally I'd make the most of the bargains so she very much feels like she gets presents and give her a big treat at the start of the summer holidays. A new climbing frame or something.

Star2015 Tue 03-Oct-17 22:12:02

Ice skating? That's quite a wintery thing to do?

Or maybe try and book a cheap hotel near a city somewhere and go shopping/for tea and sleepover at the hotel?

Failing that, cinema (there should be Christmas movies out by then) or bowling and let her choose food afterwards.

My DH birthday is the week before Christmas and I always try and do something nice to celebrate.

Happy planning!

Ricekrispie22 Wed 04-Oct-17 05:49:44

Where abouts in the country are you? Are you near to London?

Brighteyes27 Wed 04-Oct-17 06:23:53

We have similar with DS's birthday close to Christmas he usually has a party in December but as he's got older he has a much smaller tighter group of friends. He either had a birthday party often Christmas themed or did something with his friends cinema or laser quest and we also usually go to see a movie as a family on the day and or always go out for tea afterwards at a restaurant of DS's choice to try and make it special.
At 7 if they still believe in santa I would do something Christmassy the ice skating sounds nice.

DaisyChainsForever Wed 04-Oct-17 06:52:22

Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park is lovely - if you’re any where near London/willing to travel?

tistheseason2bjolly Wed 04-Oct-17 07:11:28

My birthday is on 22nd December. Every year I change the date I celebrate my birth. This year I'm celebrating on 8/10/17 (this Sunday).

kshaw Wed 04-Oct-17 08:40:00

We go to a zoo every xmas - always nice and quiet and see all the animals really well!!

papersmile Sun 08-Oct-17 07:51:44

Thank you, some good ideas.

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