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Gifts for Men

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PodgeBod Sun 01-Oct-17 14:23:54

Can we have a thread for the difficult to buy for men in our lives? I got some great ideas here last year, like the Wallet Ninja and Sugru.
Any ideas of any budget welcome.

DrRisotto Sun 01-Oct-17 14:28:51

I will be in need of ideas too!

So far, I am thinking that I will make my dad some chocolate dipped mint fondant creams.

That's it, that's all my inspiration....

MrsHathaway Sun 01-Oct-17 14:33:34


Got DH Form Cards by recommendation last year. He was impressed but not overwhelmed.

This year he has an Amazon wish list of power tools we can't afford. He would be happiest with contributions towards those, but as we have small DC he also needs Things To Open that they can nominally have given him.

Other men are hipsterish BIL, and retired FIL and DF.

I found the Present Indicative website very useful for several people last Christmas, but they don't have a lot of new stock so I must be careful not to duplicate!!

FoxyinherRoxy Sun 01-Oct-17 14:36:44

A days cookery course went down very well last year. Curries. And I benefited too. Win-win! grin

VanillaSugar Sun 01-Oct-17 14:51:26

Placemarking 🎁🎄

dizzygirl1 Sun 01-Oct-17 15:13:42

Oooh yes please! I need a lot of help this year as DH has a big birthday coming up after Christmas so double ideas required!

I am thinking of a beard kit and an experience/driving day somewhere for him.... otherwise I am STUMPED! 😣

Cakescakescakes Sun 01-Oct-17 15:17:33

Coffee subscription from PACT coffee

Tickets for a comedy gig

Bottle of hipster gin (Jawbox etc)

ScruffyLookingNerfHerder Sun 01-Oct-17 15:33:20

M&S or John Lewis do "street food" cookery courses which are fun and different

Lego Mindstorm is fun for a techy programmable building thing

Sphero APK is a similar thing, less building more programming

Poker cards and chips (get heavy chips, the light ones feel like kids toys)

Philips AutoHue remote controlled WiFi light bulbs?

SJ Cam action video camera, and there are some good accessories (e.g. parachute for aerial shots). These are cheap on eBay, but make sure it's SJCam or GoPro - lots of cheap copies around

Flying or driving activities. Or an indoor free-fall parachute thing (there's one near Manchester)

Retro arcade machines, these are pricey for a good one and take up a lot of space but soooo cool

tarheelbaby Sun 01-Oct-17 15:34:15

Presents for DH are a nightmare. He doesn't have the kind of hobbies that lead to stuff like golf or cycling. That said, he doesn't complain when we fall back on the tried and true like socks, shirts, whisky or Champagne. TBF, I think he likes not having to shop for socks or shirts.

Sometimes I give him a voucher for our local pub. Last year the DCs gave DH a cinema voucher. He liked that idea but sadly none of the films this year has appealed to him so 10mos in, he still hasn't used it.

chewiecat Sun 01-Oct-17 15:48:29

Place marking too !

We are going to get my DFIL a Fitbit I think

DrRisotto Sun 01-Oct-17 21:56:43

Driving days always go down well, although are very expensive.

I tend to ban DH from buying anything for himself between now and Christmas, he's only allowed to put things on his Amazon wishlist. We'll see if that turns up any useful gift ideas.

Kuriusoranj Mon 02-Oct-17 14:39:36

I've just found Masters of Malt, so he's getting a gifty box from there, with a copy of the book X whiskies to taste before you die (10 maybe? I've closed the page so can't look it up) and tasting samples of each of them. Looks perfect for him.

He also always gets a luxury cookbook - this year is a Sous Vide one from Thomas Keller.

allthingsred Mon 02-Oct-17 19:01:47

Following & hoping for inspiration ☺

CoffeeMad18 Tue 03-Oct-17 12:40:01

Grid it was good from a thread last year. Well received - dh uses it everyday.

MrsHathaway Tue 03-Oct-17 13:44:35

I couldn't work out WTF that Grid It was actually for but it's a thing of beauty!! DH travels a lot for work with several devices at a time and does like a sleek black gadget grin

On the list!

I8toys Tue 03-Oct-17 13:49:46

Mine is having tickets to the Blue Man Group in Birmingham on New Year's Eve. He's not one for possessions but experiences!!

DrRisotto Tue 03-Oct-17 15:19:09

What is this grid thing please?

MrsHathaway Tue 03-Oct-17 15:33:30

Grid It.

DrRisotto Tue 03-Oct-17 18:17:41

Aah I see, thanks!

HouseworkIsASin10 Wed 04-Oct-17 14:37:23

On a boring note, can anybody recommend decent men's slippers?

DH currently wears moccasin type but they go quite big and loose after a while.

Carrie76 Wed 04-Oct-17 15:06:20

Secure wallet went down very well last year

Carrie76 Wed 04-Oct-17 15:06:38

That should say secrid not secure!

ohanabanana Wed 04-Oct-17 17:03:56

Thanks to the person who mentioned indoor sky dive! It reminded me that he mentioned ages ago that he'd like to do that! We live near the Manchester one so I've booked him a voucher straight away! one more off the list ✅ 😎

AdoraBell Wed 04-Oct-17 22:27:16

God yes, I need ideas because the only thing DH will tell me he wants is “to be with my family”. I swear I’ll lamp him if I hear that once more.

bear28 Wed 04-Oct-17 22:32:06

Well this year I went all out and got my partner this, we both love beer so really its for me too :p we are past the point of buying personal stuff as we have what we need so its all really contributions to the house :D

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