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Lol doll swap

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GirlWithTheYellowHat Tue 26-Sep-17 16:46:58

I didn't really know where to put this so I ended up here.

We have 3 Snow Angel dolls, does anyone want to swap? grin

gerriq Fri 26-Jan-18 17:11:45

been buying LOL dolls and now have doubles as they are so much money...does any one else have doubles they want to swap

ParisChristina Sun 01-Apr-18 12:10:10

I have quite a few doubles on LoL Dolls if anyone’s interested in a swap 😬😘

Happinesss Thu 17-May-18 10:04:40

I have tons of lols!

TheGirlWhoLived Fri 13-Jul-18 17:59:50

Don't want to regurgitate unnecessarily but we have doubles, triples (and even a quadruple of grunge girl...) that we'd love to swap! Ours range from series 1-4 including baby ones and the toddler ones, we have all the accessories, down to each and every tiny shoe... I can find the duplicates if anyone is interested in trading? Counted them up the other day and we have 60 <sob>

Particularly looking for Unicorn!

Meeshu Mon 23-Jul-18 20:27:54

We now have 3 unicorn lol dolls, very annoying. Looking to swap, really want pharaoh babe from confetti pop series but would swap for something else.

TheGirlWhoLived Mon 23-Jul-18 23:50:16

We have two pharaoh babe! Pretty sure dd's will be up for trading one, they were really hoping to get Unicorn as it has the same secret message... (God I know far too much about these). Not sure how a swap would work, but happy to pop her in the post and blindly trust you to do the same?! I promise I'm reliable grin

Meeshu Tue 24-Jul-18 17:28:05

Brilliant, me too. Ok what do we do now??? Also are we swapping 'used' dolls or new? My daughter has 2 unicorns she has played with both good condition with the all accessories.

TheGirlWhoLived Tue 24-Jul-18 22:51:27

I will take a photo of her! grin I feel all giddy like a teenager again haha, also if you have frequented the xmas boards at all in the past, I was “TheImprobableGirl” for an awful long time!!

TheGirlWhoLived Tue 24-Jul-18 22:53:43

Oh and all of ours are ‘used’ to a degree!? They have all the bits, and haven’t been subject to any degradation, if this can be said of lol’s?? If there are any others you fancy I’m happy to save on postage- i’ll Have a root through our ‘spares’ tomorrow smile

Meeshu Wed 25-Jul-18 07:08:01

Ha ha I know what you mean, think I'm more excited than my daughter. This is the first time i have been on the forum, so happy i found it as i always dread her opening the dolls in case of duplictes. Will also send a photo later when home from work x

TheGirlWhoLived Wed 25-Jul-18 09:39:49

That sinking feeling you have seen those shoes before... grin

Meeshu Wed 25-Jul-18 12:40:20

Wouldn't be so bad if they were only a couple of quid. Whoever invented these knew exactly what they were doing.

TheGirlWhoLived Wed 25-Jul-18 16:46:20

Although this way we can totally beat the system! I'm sorting out duplicates now, so if there is any others you wanted to swap thats fine smile

Meeshu Wed 25-Jul-18 22:36:32

We've only actually bought 3 from this confetti series and this is what we got.

TheGirlWhoLived Thu 26-Jul-18 10:07:49

Oh no! That is such a shame!! Well if she only wants the one Unicorn, I have two dd’s that are very likely to argue over the one we have grin so I could send you two for two? No worries at all if not!!

Meeshu Thu 26-Jul-18 10:38:06

I have tried to say to her that she only needs 1 unicorn but she defo only wants to swap 1 at the moment.

TheGirlWhoLived Thu 26-Jul-18 10:43:04

Just piecing all the people back with their accessories!!

TheGirlWhoLived Thu 26-Jul-18 10:50:10

Not a problem at all!!

Meeshu Thu 26-Jul-18 10:57:05

Wow we have no were near that many, think daughter only has about 10. Just shown her the photo of the pharaoh babe and she is so happy. Shall I pm you my contact details?

TheGirlWhoLived Thu 26-Jul-18 13:02:38

It’s all theyve asked for for the past year and a half grin
Good report? Lol doll
Potty training? Lol doll
Birthdays x 4/ xmas? Lol doll

Also they are the only grandchildren on both sides- there’s about £600 worth, it is a bit sick-making

Meeshu Thu 26-Jul-18 14:39:33

Ha ha that's what we started but now she's catching on and asks for an LOL the minute I say she's done something good.

Meeshu Fri 27-Jul-18 09:52:05

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Jghijjjoo Fri 27-Jul-18 09:56:26

There an address on that proof of posting.

How much do these dolls cost?

TheGirlWhoLived Fri 27-Jul-18 10:24:07

Fab thanks! If you could possibly delete the picture though, it has my address on grin

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