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Train set for Xmas tree - any recommendations pls?

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WellThisIsShit Fri 22-Sep-17 05:39:10

Inspired by a post I saw a week or so ago on here (which I now can't find)...

I'd really like to be completely frivolous and get a train set that would go around the Christmas tree, but what to get?

Any recommendations?

It's just me and DS who's 7yrs old. I'd like him to love it and play with it, as he hasn't had a train set since those brio wooden trains for very little children.

So it needs to be play-able with vs a decoration only I can touch. But he's also capable of being quite careful and gentle, so could be something he knows to be very gentle when around the tree, but could play with afterwards when the tree comes down if the mood takes him.

Should I go for a cheap plastic one that looks bright and gaudy (in good way!), but may not be great quality, and can't add track or more trains on it?

Or something that works well around the tree but can be the start of follow on presents like more tracks and trains (would need to be dismantled between playing as we're short of space.

I looked on Amazon and there are some 'no name' cheaper ones (with grainy photos and not many reviews), and then stuff like Hornby which looks very complicated to set up, and dull colours, no lights or smoke etc... neither seem quite right!

So am bamboozled!

I'd love to get one, maybe as an additional Xmas present for him or maybe to surprise him when we put the tree up at the beginning of festivities. Not sure what would be most magical?

I'm getting a bit obsessed about this, any help from you fabulous Christmas experts greatly appreciated grin

Chrisinthemorning Fri 22-Sep-17 05:53:21
We don't have it, but I really want this

Isadora2007 Fri 22-Sep-17 08:35:19

Oh. That lego train. 💕

barbarahunter Fri 22-Sep-17 08:45:55

I've just bought a cute christmas train from asda, not in Lego league of course but I think it will be fine.

Overrunwithlego Fri 22-Sep-17 08:51:08

We have the lego train - we got it last year. I love it. I work at home and if I was a bit stressed would go and drive the train for 5 minutes. grin. They do other sets such as a winter village, santa's toy shop. So we're going to get a new set each year to build together in the run up to Christmas, and then the train can stop at them. Track is expensive though.....

Overrunwithlego Fri 22-Sep-17 08:51:49

Forgot to say - you can get power functions for the train and control it with a little remote control.

WellThisIsShit Fri 22-Sep-17 08:53:35

Could a child put any of the lego train together? Or would you give the lego train already done?


Overrunwithlego Fri 22-Sep-17 08:57:44

It says age 12 on the box I think. But my 9 year old (does a lot of lego) managed it fine, so I would think with a little help he would be ok. The power functions are a little fiddly to fit.

BarchesterFlowers Fri 22-Sep-17 09:16:39

I didn't think I needed a train around the tree until I read this thread .....

How wide is the bottom of your tree lego? I am sure mine must be twice the diameter you would get from the 27" track which would only give you an 8" ish circle. Did you buy extra?

Mustang27 Fri 22-Sep-17 09:42:29

This why I love mumsnet and my bank balance does not lol.

countingdown Fri 22-Sep-17 09:45:42

I bought a really cheap one from The Works a few years ago. It's nasty. Looks dreadful. I think somethings are worth spending a little bit on.

NeitherNowtNorSummat01 Fri 22-Sep-17 09:46:43

We got the Hornby one last year. It's tiny and boring. And fiddly. It went straight back!

BroomstickOfLove Fri 22-Sep-17 09:49:52

I just set up the old Brio one around the tree.

Overrunwithlego Fri 22-Sep-17 10:08:00

barchester don't know exactly right now - but I did need to buy extra track. The track you get can only make a small circle.

Annwithnoe Fri 22-Sep-17 13:20:57

I succumbed to the madness and bought a Christmas train on a whim, and it's an awful cheap thing- too noisy, too fast and too easily derailed.
I swore never again!
But a Lego train has me intrigued!
Are there different types or just the one? Does it run on the regular Lego train track?
My boys would be in heaven building Lego villages to go with it.

Overrunwithlego Fri 22-Sep-17 16:39:49

Ann Just the one lego christmas train I think, although it runs on the same track as the other (non Christmas) lego trains.

StinkPickle Fri 22-Sep-17 16:44:57

Yes what about this one?

It's in the sale now too so probably a good time to buy!

HERE (link)

timeisnotaline Sun 24-Sep-17 11:22:57

The Asda one looks great - I don't know if I could expect it to last. Do they do the Lego one every year? If so placemarkinh it for in about 6 years smile

timeisnotaline Sun 24-Sep-17 11:25:54

We have this one which is an advent calendar

MsPassepartout Sun 24-Sep-17 11:58:21

We got this Thomas and Friends Trackmaster Christmas train set last year.

It's big enough to go round a tree, and easy enough for a child to put together.

Deploycharitygoats Sun 24-Sep-17 14:07:07

If you still have wooden train track and carriages, you can get battery powered Brio steam engines in red or green, which is quite festive. Think they're about £20.

MirandaWest Sun 24-Sep-17 14:12:35

I feel like I need the Lego one grin

catiinbo0ts Sun 24-Sep-17 15:23:16

Where do you put the presents of you have a tree train?

I never knew this was a thing and now I want it too grin

LittleLights Sun 24-Sep-17 15:30:37

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

BroomstickOfLove Sun 24-Sep-17 15:30:44

Brio did a Polar Express set a while ago, but it is no longer available new and fetches extortionate prices on eBay.

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