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Favourite Christmas movies

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themumfairy Thu 21-Sep-17 10:09:03

Thinking of doing a movie night advent calender where I wrap up dvds and each night we open and watch one. We've got our favourites which are elf, the Santa clause, home alone, the polar express and the grinch. Dc would probably be happy watching those on repeat throughout December but I'd like some different ones. What's your favourites?

Pluckedpencil Thu 21-Sep-17 10:10:47

Love actually, muppet Christmas carol, stick man

NerosFiddle Thu 21-Sep-17 11:30:39

Muppets Christmas Carol, Scrooged, Its a wonderful life

TheHelpfulHiker Thu 21-Sep-17 11:38:16

My favourite is called A Christmas Story. I saw it as a kid and loved it so tracked it down on DVD.

DancesWithOtters Thu 21-Sep-17 11:39:02

A Very Murray Christmas!

lauramcd86 Thu 21-Sep-17 11:39:44

The holiday 😍

blue25 Thu 21-Sep-17 11:47:52

Bad Santa-depends on the age of DC though!

DisneyIsMyDrug Thu 21-Sep-17 12:36:50

Miracle on 34th street (the one with Richard Attenborough)
Fred Claus
Die Hard grin
Arthur Christmas (absolutely adore this film, if we were all a little more like Arthur the world would be a better place!)
Nightmare before Christmas
Rise of the Guardians (not really a Christmas film but has Santa Claus)

wendz86 Thu 21-Sep-17 12:41:34

Home alone 2, miracle on 34th street, all i want for christmas, the snowman, father christmas, christmas with the kranks

LittleMyLikesSnuffkin Thu 21-Sep-17 12:42:54

The lion the witch and the wardrobe has Father Christmas in (briefly) and is lovely anyway especially for that time of year because of all the snow.

Depending on the age of DC Father Christmas? My DD was 9 last christmas and still loved watching it with her little brother. Mickys once/twice upon a Christmas if they're little add good too. How the grinch stole Christmas. We know all the words now.

National lampoons Christmas vacation is a fave of mine too.

IsabelleSE19 Thu 21-Sep-17 12:49:07

Was coming on here to say Die Hard, but obviously rather depends on the age of your DCs!

Since you've already got Elf and Polar Express, then Muppet Christmas Carol, and maybe things like Stick Man or The Gruffalo's Child (snowy if not Christmassy!).

Nothing makes me feel less festive than Love sodding Actually!

FilledSoda Thu 21-Sep-17 15:52:54

Wizard of Oz
Sound of music
The king and I
Gone with the Wind

Are your dc still c ?

aurorie11 Thu 21-Sep-17 15:56:33

Dependent on their ages love actually may not be suitable.

It's a wonderful life, miracle on 34th street (original), home alone, natvity 1, 2 and 3

Teddy1970 Thu 21-Sep-17 16:10:44

Some good ones on here, I like the Muppet Christmas Carol, Home Alone, A Christmas Carol (George C Scott, 1984), The Holiday, The Nativity (BBC), Murder on the Orient Express (1974 version), I know the last one isn't a Christmas film as such, but I watched it on Christmas Eve once, all that snow and glamour made it feel very Christmassy! Does anyone remember Carry On films being shown late at night on Christmas Eve years ago?

wobblywonderwoman Thu 21-Sep-17 16:13:35

What a great idea !!

I love Home Alone and The Holiday

Threeandabit Thu 21-Sep-17 19:03:48

Arthur Christmas is my favourite. Also like I'm Not Ready for Christmas.....A bit like a Christmassy version of Liar, Liar.

VinoTime Thu 21-Sep-17 19:31:49

Just checked both mine and DD's stashes. Oh my... blush

Please don't judge - we love our festive movies! I got rid of all our DVD's as soon as we got our Prime TV sticks, but I kept the Christmas hoard. I've star our absolute favourites, which we watch every year without fail. We have:

star Christmas Vacation
star Home Alone
Home Alone 2: Lost in New York
star Elf
The Grinch
Dr. Seuss' How the Grinch Stole Christmas (animated)
Arthur Christmas
star It's a Wonderful Life
White Christmas
Mickey's Christmas Carol
Mickey's Once Upon a Christmas
The Muppets Christmas Carol
Santa Claus: The Movie
Jack Frost
The Santa Clause - 1, 2 and 3
star Miracle on 34th Street - 1947 and 1994
Love Actually
The Nightmare Before Christmas
The Polar Express
Jingle All the Way
Deck the Halls
Christmas with the Kranks
Nativity 1, 2 and 3
The Snowman/Father Christmas/The Snowman and the Snowdog box set
A Dog Named Christmas
A Christmas Carol (George C Scott and Jim Carey versions)
The Christmas Foal
Fred Claus
The Family Man
The Holiday
star Yogi's First Christmas (my old childhood favourite)

DD also has a massive stash of animated ones - Looney Tunes, various Disney spin offs, Tom and Jerry, Scooby Doo, etc.

<kicks obscene Christmas CD collection under the bed out of sight>

Brittbugs80 Thu 21-Sep-17 20:18:43

Christmas with the Kranks, I watched it last week as it was on Sky!

Arthur Christmas, Home Alone 2, Jingle all the Way, Deck the Halls, The Snowman, The Family Stone and all the Nativity films.

I also try to record Hats off to Christmas, Dashing through the Snow and I saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus off Christmas24 when they are on.

Star2015 Thu 21-Sep-17 21:08:58

Home alone
The holiday
Love actually
The family stone
A Christmas carol
National Lampoons Christmas vacation
Four Christmases

Ooh can't wait to start watching these again!!!

70isaLimitNotaTarget Thu 21-Sep-17 21:17:01

DH loves 'Christmas with the Kranks' and 'It's a Wonderful Life' (I cannot abide these films fhmm

I watched 'Holiday Inn' but didn't get the hype.

DD and I love 'Lost Christmas' needs to be watched at least once before Christmas.
I like 'Love Actually'

And the various incantations of 'A Christmas Carol'

lauramcd86 Thu 21-Sep-17 21:49:20

@Star2015 oh my god love the family stone!!!!!!!!! Must watch that again smile love a Christmas movie.

BarbaraOcumbungles Thu 21-Sep-17 21:51:32

Elf, Home alone 1&2 and Love Actually 😍

NellyTimes Thu 21-Sep-17 23:32:58

Get Santa is fantastic.

headintheproverbial Fri 22-Sep-17 09:18:38

Home Alone. Obvs.

OverinaFlash Fri 22-Sep-17 12:47:01

The Snow Queen with Bridget Fonda is a beautiful wintery festive movie. It's also really long, so could watch in two parts or at a weekend.

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