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How many people do you buy for?

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chanie44 Wed 20-Sep-17 22:47:24

Excluding OH and our children, we have 16 people to buy xmas presents for.

The 16 people are our parents, siblings (a couple of partners) and nieces and nephews, plus one other family member. We also have two new babies due, so next year, we'll have 18 to buy for!!!

We spent about £20 per person. I try to buy throughout the year and bargain hunt to keep it all manageable.

Just wondering how many people everyone else has to buy for?

WishingCarrot Wed 20-Sep-17 22:56:11

About 30 shockconfused

HandbagCrazy Wed 20-Sep-17 23:32:18

20 this year (this is up from 18 last year due to new work friend that I've gotten closer to and 1 new baby)

asongforthelovers Wed 20-Sep-17 23:37:14

We have cut it to parents, bil's children, my sister & bil.

There is far too many cousins and children in dh family.

arsenalwatford Wed 20-Sep-17 23:41:16

30. And we've dropped half a dozen this year.

MamaLeen Wed 20-Sep-17 23:44:29

Oh and i don't have very big families. But we all understand small 2/3 gift for adults and the majority of the fuss and presents for the children.
The children help us with the adults presents so 'Santa' can focus on the children.

tigercub50 Wed 20-Sep-17 23:46:10

We cut it down a few years back as it was getting crazy & way too expensive. Now it's just family, no friends, although I get a token gift for some of the Mums I'm friendly with in DD's class. Some years I don't send cards but give a donation to charity instead. The postage really adds up.

TittyGolightly Wed 20-Sep-17 23:48:14

Few small bits for DD (6) and a secret santa gift for someone in my immediate family. Fucking bliss.

AliceLutherNeeMorgan Wed 20-Sep-17 23:54:31

34 in total.

There are a lot of cousins and in laws; that also includes teachers (count them all as one) and our cleaners and DD's stocking. I'm slowly moving all the cousins on to just giving cash - I don't mind at all about the money aspect at all but trying to find things they like as they all get older is quite hard.

Crumbs1 Thu 21-Sep-17 00:00:47

Three parents, nine siblings/partners. Five nieces and nephews. Eight Godchildren. Two ex foster children who are now adults but still in contact. Eight in my team. Twelve directors of my husband's plus office staff. My three ex nannies. Our last nannies three children. My husband's driver. The cleaners. Four of the children's partners. One child's partners mother. The five young adult children of two close friend couples. Our very elderly next door neighbours. two of my closest female friends. Our best man and his wife and their two boys who usually come over from France between Christmas and New Year.
It looks a lot now I think about it.

Triskaidekaphilia Thu 21-Sep-17 00:26:14

Our parents, siblings and nephews. 8 people total. Sometimes I get something small for my grandparents as well. And homemade foodie gifts for our friends if we actually see them around that time.

Oncewaswho Thu 21-Sep-17 06:47:05

Four parents, two siblings (the rest we have agreed children only), three neices/nephews and two god-children. No friends or colleagues unless work do a Secret Santa. So 11 or 12.

allthegoodusernameshavegone Thu 21-Sep-17 06:58:37

DSD & SSil Joint gift
DB & Sil joint gift
Friends x 2 max spend aloud £5 ( it's a comp to see who can get the best gifts for under a fiver or indeed the tackiest)
DH and I don't buy for each other
So 11 gifts total spend approximately £350

NoWordForFluffy Thu 21-Sep-17 06:59:38

We buy for my parents, my niece and nephew, DH's 2 nieces and that's it for family. My sister and I agreed to stop buying for each other for Christmas once I had kids as it was racking up. DH's family does a Secret Santa for the adults, but we didn't join in last year. We do still give token gifts to DH's parents and my sister's family (biscuits / chocolates and we do a calendar using the kids' photos too).

I now have 2 teachers and 2 TAs to buy for in DD's Reception class and DS' key worker at preschool.

DH's birthday is 23rd Dec and the last two years he's had exceptionally expensive joint presents. This year I've toned it down and he has a present for both events, but waaaaaaay cheaper!

Betsy86 Thu 21-Sep-17 07:00:12

I was led thinking about this last night, well over 35 and i dont have a OH i have one child and i swear i dont even know 35 people ffs. Is a joke i cant afford to do it and start shoppjng really early and do manage to find some excellent bargains alot of the time bit im defo cutting some of the list down this year i get taken for a mug.
Off to write new list haha....

Betsy86 Thu 21-Sep-17 07:11:46

I do enjoy the xmas shopping and wrapping etc though and hunting for offers. But do need a limit there not all expensive gifts though like token biscuits for next door etc just sounds like a long list when i write it down name wise. But i will be taking some off the list iv got people on there who havent bothered with us for occasions but turn up around there own birthdays etc and im not doing it anymorebiscuit

Haudyerwheesht Thu 21-Sep-17 07:14:14

6 nieces and nephews
Auntie x 2
My mum
Dh's mum

OhTheRoses Thu 21-Sep-17 07:16:23

Three parents and the cat. Plus DH and DC. God children still get a £10 voucher but they are a diminishing crowd of under 21s.

We also do small hampers for DH's office - about 60.

metalmum15 Thu 21-Sep-17 07:19:51

2 children, 2 parents (mine, niece and nephew. We don't buy for each other or any friends. If the kids want to give their friends anything they can buy them a gift themselves. As a result I find Christmas a lot less stressful and more relaxing than half my friends who spend weeks sorting and buying presents for tons of people. We don't have a big family anyway, and agreed years ago with friends not to buy anything as none of us really wanted anything anyway. Christmas seems to be all about how much money you have to spend nowadays.

TheWildOnes Thu 21-Sep-17 07:20:48

Apart from our 3 DC, we have both sets of parents(4) and 14 nieces/nephews. Have stopped adult presents (apart from parents) as there are just so many.

Llamacorn Thu 21-Sep-17 07:40:54

Proper gifts I buy for dh, 3 dds, 5 nephews and nieces, 1 brother (he has no kids) and 4 parents + 1 partner. I cut down a few years ago and it's so much less stressful!

I do buy token gifts for a few people, usually chocs/wine (teachers,ta,aunts,gran/grandad,dog walker, couple families we're friendly with) some are usually just a little minding like the tubs of chocs or photos of dds for aunts & grandparents, so I don't specifically count those in terms of present buying as they're quite cheap (but I probably should!)

Dds have a friend or 2 each they like to buy for too, older dd buys her own and I help the younger 2 out slightly.

MuddlingThroughLife Thu 21-Sep-17 07:50:12

20 people excluding dh and our three kids, and two dogs. 🎗

ephemeralfairy Thu 21-Sep-17 09:28:51

Ten. Family only. Friends get birthday presents (much more fun!!)

wendz86 Thu 21-Sep-17 12:39:32

20 people excluding the kids. Most are my ex's neices and nephews. I don't spend a lot on them but still like to buy them a little something.

Wayfarersonbaby Thu 21-Sep-17 12:48:56

12 family and friends, including siblings and niblings; then small token presents for about 8 neighbours and teachers/TA etc.; then I also buy small token Christmassy presents for about 6-8 small children and toddlers (book plus chocolate or chocolate santa or similar - costs less than £10 all in).

So 20 presents plus an additional £10-worth of toddler presents. We don't normally spend a lot - my parents get the most expensive presents at about £40 each. Nephews and nieces about £20-30 each and siblings a bottle of fizz and chocs. Neighbours, teachers etc. get something in the £5-10 range.

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