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What roller blades to get for 5 and almost 8 yo girls?

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EmGee Wed 20-Sep-17 20:24:27

And accessories - knee pads etc? Can they wear normal bike helmets when they skate? Mine have never tried it but saw some kids today doing it and I thought it could make a good Christmas gift!

EmGee Thu 21-Sep-17 13:59:11

Bump! Any ideas??

CupofBeans Thu 21-Sep-17 14:10:15

I bought these for my daughters 9th birthday, they are the same as the ones she uses at the local roller disco and seem to be good quality.
Osprey Girls Quad Skates - Black/White/Purple, Size 13-3

Janek Thu 21-Sep-17 14:24:00

We have the osprey ones too - they were good and lasted dd1 several years. In that time we found a smaller pair of another brand in a charity shop, which dd2 used for a while. These were noticiably more rubbish.

When dd1's feet grew, we replaced them decathlon roller blades and they are really good - much smoother and therefore faster than the roller skates.

EmGee Thu 21-Sep-17 17:07:44

Thanks Janek. I'd forgotten about Decathlon and there is one near me. Cup thanks for the link!

Are the skates better to start with then move on to blades or should I just get blades? The DDs are still quite young and DD1 in particular is teeny for her age.

Janek Thu 21-Sep-17 18:24:50

I don't know, i think balance is more important than size. Dd2 really struggled with the cheaper skates and is better now she's moved into the osprey ones, but dd1 could already skate by the time she had got the roller blades, and had been ice skating a few times, which is more like roller blading than skating.

I would say the roller blades might be very slippery in the beginning, but better in the long run.

Fluffysparks Sat 23-Sep-17 17:58:10

Are they going to be doing it at indoor discos or outside? If indoor get rubber wheels, but otherwise plastic is fine

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