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Help! I need ideas for main & stocking fillers for 12 year old boy

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Happybell Tue 19-Sep-17 18:49:08

Son hasn't really got anything on his list except a puppy and new tv which he's not getting either! He has perfecty good tv and we can't have a dog. So moving on give me some ideas please. He's a typical pre teen into football, PS4 and now getting into fashion, but I'm open to all suggestions!

Babyblues14 Tue 19-Sep-17 18:53:33

I'm finding it difficult too. 13 year old. Does he have a favourite tv Show?? Mine likes the flash so I typed it in on amazon and have found loads of ideas and have a wish list a mile long now. Also into the walking dead. Then will be getting a ps4 game and some good name clothes and trainers. Then the usual chocolates and deodorant sets. How about a bike for the main gift??

Happybell Tue 19-Sep-17 18:59:36

Thanks! Unfortunately not a tv watcher. I really don't want to buy PS4 games or credits and the bike was last years birthday present. His birthday is just before Christmas too!! I think clothes and trainers is going to be the way to go.

MuddlingThroughLife Tue 19-Sep-17 18:59:46

Young driver lessons
Gaming chair
Netflix/Amazon prime subscription
Superdry/Hollister hoodie

Hair gel
Thumb grips for ps4 controller
Funky belt
Drinks coaster (dd1 into harry potter, I've got her a ravenclaw coaster)
American sweets
Choccie coins. These have to go in. It's the law.
Pen - such as star wars
Bath bomb - boys like them too!

Happybell Tue 19-Sep-17 19:18:04

Thanks muddlingthoughlife some good ideas to put on the list!

isittheholidaysyet Tue 19-Sep-17 19:18:53

Stocking fillers:

Showergel/deoderant/novelty soap etc
Sweets/chocolate/chocolate santa/festive confectionery.
Food he loves but you would not usually buy (coke/expensive cereal/nutella/pringles/cheesestrings etc)
Novelty Christmas hat or gloves or socks
Any toys he might still enjoy? (Water guns? Water bombs?)
Novelty item (eg cheap disco light, basket ball hoop laundry basket, novelty mug,)
Somethings inflatable and pointless (banana? Guitar? Fish?)

eyebrowsonfleek Tue 19-Sep-17 19:26:48

Funko Pop
Amazon Echo Dot
Voucher for iTunes/Playstore (depending on phone)
Japanese sweets
Footie shirt
Merchandise from favourite YouTuber

I8toys Tue 19-Sep-17 21:26:26

Mine is having a switch for his birthday on Halloween. So games for that and the Xbox. He likes Rick & Morty so merch such as calendar, mug, t shirts etc. Exploding kittens game and merch. Bears vs babies is a new game coming out. Posters for his room. Giant slinky.

simpson Tue 19-Sep-17 21:31:07

I am getting my DS (12):

Virtual reality headset (cheapish one from amazon)
Cheaper version of a go pro (from amazon)
Risk board game

simpson Tue 19-Sep-17 21:31:48


Happybell Tue 19-Sep-17 21:36:55

What's a switch? Feeling so behind with things now! He's mentioned rick and morty!! Can someone enlighten me to exploding kittens and bears v babies.

Simpson, great ideas, cheap go pro thing would go down well I think!

I8toys Tue 19-Sep-17 21:55:02

Nintendo switch is the new console that you can take out with you or connect to a TV. Exploding kittens and bears vs babies are games by Oatmeal. We take exploding kittens out with us everywhere. My eldest ds14 loves it too. Bears vs babies is the new game by the same company.

Happybell Tue 19-Sep-17 21:58:08

Thanks l8toys, will look into those a bit more, by the sounds of it exploding kittens or bears v babies might be hits!

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