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Themed decorations help please

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MarklahMarklah Mon 18-Sep-17 18:19:59

Yes, I know

A friend of mine themes her tree every year. I'd like to buy her a decoration or two for it, as a Christmas gift. Her theme is "the sea" so anything boaty, sea-creaturey or similar would be good.

Is there anywhere I can get something affordable? I'm on a tight budget so I'm looking to spend £3 max per decoration. I've seen lots of gorgeous things online, but they're all in the US and cost ridiculous amounts with postage.

girlywhirly Tue 19-Sep-17 15:52:03

Think you are going to find it hard in the UK. We tend to stick with Winter or obviously Christmassy designs. Could you make some from shells, or sew some? Another possibility is finding some small wooden marine themed items to customise, the sort of thing used in room decor, e.g. I have a small wooden light pull in the shape of a lighthouse.

anyoldname76 Tue 19-Sep-17 16:53:59

how about a mermaid tree decoration? these are £4 inc p and p Look at this on eBay

Stompythedinosaur Tue 19-Sep-17 17:12:11

There are a few boat baubles and shell baubles on Amazon, but not within you budget (and a very expensive urchin decoration at John Lewis).

Could you glue gun some loops on to pretty shells? Baker Ross sells packs of different types of she'll.

BrieAndChilli Tue 19-Sep-17 17:14:48

You can by clear baubles from craft places like baker Ross or hobby craft, you could then fill them with sand/shells/little fish etc

Dinosauratemydaffodils Tue 19-Sep-17 20:04:03

If you are close to an RNLI shop, might be worth checking there a bit closer to Christmas to see if they have any decorations.

Dinosauratemydaffodils Tue 19-Sep-17 20:07:21

Or there is this:!/Multi-Buy-Glass-Buoys-Set-of-3/p/40109159/category=3720022

Hullygully Tue 19-Sep-17 20:09:12

You could make something. My friend made a truly beautiful shipwreck and davy jones locker affair with some tinfoil, lollypop sticks and stickyback plastic.

singadream Tue 19-Sep-17 20:43:50

I love those though cannot believe there is a National Lobster Hatchery not that they have a shop. Though I am miffed the pic is four when they are selling a pack of three!

KC225 Wed 20-Sep-17 05:46:35

Go off grid. Themed decorations in the home is so naff. Decorations should be a mixture of old and new. Leave the themes to John Lewis

churchilllounge Wed 20-Sep-17 08:41:42

I've got loads of sea glass and bits of driftwood i can post to you if you want to make something?

MarklahMarklah Wed 20-Sep-17 13:44:52

chuchill that's really kind, but I don't think I'll have time to get crafty. I think I may stray outside the box a little and get some relevant coloured items, or, failing that, get those buoys.

A few years ago, I'm sure, everywhere had all this sort of stuff for the bathroom, and now I'm not seeing it.

smellylittleorange Wed 04-Oct-17 23:43:39 have glass seahorses baubles for within budget if you still looking?

mathanxiety Thu 05-Oct-17 06:05:23

Rope for a garland?

MarklahMarklah Sat 07-Oct-17 11:18:12

Sorry, only just spotted recent replies. I did find some paper mache creatures in Hobbycraft, which I am thinking could be painted and have a loop glued on them. They're £3 each, so I could get a trio of something. Home-crafted is good, right? smile

mathanxiety Sun 08-Oct-17 07:23:45

It's not just good, it's poncetastic!

<shameless plug for Poncetastic thread>

Fueledwithfairydustandgin Sun 08-Oct-17 08:24:39

It's expensive but you get lots these ones

BusySittingDown Sun 08-Oct-17 08:29:23

They had some beautiful blue baubles in Matalan. Not exactly sea themed but they would possibly go on a sea themed tree.

I’ll see if I can do a link...

Fueledwithfairydustandgin Sun 08-Oct-17 08:29:31

There were some really good ideas on Pinterest that looked simple. They've given me some ideas to make with DS and send to my dad who lives in Australia and loves surfing.

BusySittingDown Sun 08-Oct-17 08:37:27

Some blue and green ones. here




There seemed to be more in store though confused. I’m sure they had some pale blue glass ones.

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