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Need small gift ideas to take with me on holiday at Christmas

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Buggerlugs123 Mon 18-Sep-17 11:46:02

This year we are so excited to be going to Australia for Christmas and this is my DC's main gift. I need to ask if any of you have any ideas of small surprise gifts to take with me as I would like them to have something to open on Christmas Day. We are staying with family so they will get a gift from them but I feel mean saying this holiday is all you are getting. DS is 14 & DD is 12. Thank you.

MrsOverTheRoad Mon 18-Sep-17 12:59:48

I'm well used to that journey...I live in Oz but I'm English. You could take a stocking each...a big one for each child. But saying that, there's no reason why you couldn't visit a few shops in Oz to fill them up.

I'd be thinking (whether you get them in UK or Oz doesn't matter!) some fun swimwear...maybe some zinc for their faces, some nice pens/notebook....a travel cup...a book..

BeaLola Mon 18-Sep-17 14:08:19

agree with MrsOverTheRoad- depends when you are arriving in terms of buying gifts in time - vouchers for apps/downloads ,
lip balm, trendy sunglasses, flip flops, swim stuff, board shorts, hair grips/slides, if budget allows kindle,

Annwithnoe Mon 18-Sep-17 15:35:07

Stationery packs up small. I just typed kawaii into the search box on AliExpress and lost an hour of my day grin
There was a similar thread recently, but for younger kids, and a poster suggested inflatables. That might work well assuming you'll be spending a fair amount of time in the pool.

bimbobaggins Mon 18-Sep-17 18:22:05

Hi buggerlugs, I'm off to Australia for Christmas too. Where are you going to?
I wasn't actually going to take any Christmas gifts but after my ds disappointment on his bday at having nothing to open I have decided to get him some items to open.
I have bought him some underwear and a t shirt at the moment. Will add some more items and will hopefully pick up a couple of things when we get there.

MyBrilliantDisguise Mon 18-Sep-17 18:23:39

Bimbo, how old is your son? Were you really thinking of taking no gifts?

bimbobaggins Mon 18-Sep-17 18:27:41

He's 14. Yes I was thinking no gifts because I didn't want to be taking stuff all the way over just to bring it back. I thought he was old enough for this not to bother him but i was wrong. I would have got some gifts when I got there ,it wasn't going to be a no Christmas present at all rule

Buggerlugs123 Mon 18-Sep-17 19:41:39

Thanks everyone. I'm off to Brisbane to see family but we re going via Hong Kong for 3 days en route.

Buggerlugs123 Mon 18-Sep-17 19:45:43

Bimbobaggins where are you going?

bimbobaggins Mon 18-Sep-17 19:51:36

We are going to Melbourne. We went to Brisbane and the Gold Coast last year. Didn't think we'd be going back again so soon!

Serin Mon 18-Sep-17 20:23:09

Wireless (Wifi) headphones.
Book to read on flight back.
Needlework kit.
Tiny watercolour set (Windsor and Newton do small ones).
Surfer bracelets.
Sunglasses (Oakley?) and Flip Flops (as mentioned)

Redtartanshoes Mon 18-Sep-17 20:28:52

Can you amazon order and have delivered over there?

timeisnotaline Mon 18-Sep-17 20:33:07

Watercolour set and some art paper postcards for them to draw their holidays

Buggerlugs123 Tue 19-Sep-17 10:08:19

Red tartan shoes what a good idea-never thought of that!!!!
Thanks for the suggestions everyone.

MrsOverTheRoad Tue 19-Sep-17 10:32:00

We don't have Amazon here yet!

Redtartanshoes Wed 20-Sep-17 08:48:20

No amazon in Australia???? Noooo

Ok different Amazon type Australian website? Just remember you'll have to bring all home so no surfboards or kangaroos grin

TheSpottedZebra Wed 20-Sep-17 09:56:30

Just pop out when there and buy a load load of aussie sweets, and maybe some Bonds underwear. The former will be gone by the time you're going home, and the latter packs up small.

TellMeItsNotTrue Wed 20-Sep-17 10:04:02

I would be thinking new versions of things you need anyway, so take less clothes and buy some new ones for Christmas, new swim suit if they would normally take two, book etc to do on the plane or beach.

Was about some favourite food treats from home? Bonus of not bringing home so you have room for souvenirs or family presents

Amazon voucher, they can order something to be waiting for them when they get home

Twistmeandturnme Wed 20-Sep-17 10:10:24

Make a list of stuff you know you can carry back , send money to family and get them to order so you only have to wrap it when you get there?

electronics doesn't take up much room but depends what they need updating/don't have which they would use.

Buggerlugs123 Wed 20-Sep-17 20:55:57

Thanks everyone-I'm still thanks making!

36plusandtrying Wed 20-Sep-17 21:33:04

Maybe you could wrap a few experiences ???

Like trip to Australia zoo (attach the ticket to a cuddly koala or silly plastic croc) , wet and wild (ticket with coloured zinc flip flops or new swimwear) or movie world (ticket with DVD) ? Sites like Groupon might be doing discounted ticket or ask your family if they have an entertainment card. (15% off most big parks)

Just posted this on another Christmas thread - but this brand make the best PJ's you could order in advance and get them sent to your family !! (They are an oz brand)

Happy travels !

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