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Leeds Christmas market

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IggyAce Thu 14-Sep-17 12:00:35

We have booked a weekend away to Leeds which just happens to coincide with the start of the Leeds Christmas Market. So anyone been and advice, is it good?
Also if anyone can recommend a nice restaurant for dinner I would be very grateful.

tootsieglitterballs Thu 14-Sep-17 12:18:24

Restaurant: depends on the kind of food you like / want to spend - you have Michelin star man behind the curtain , new restaurant home is supposed to be good (run by an ex masterchef contestant and former head chef of the box tree) and also there's a new 'trendy' place called tattu. But there are so many restaurants!

Leeds Christmas market - personally has never blown me away. The beer 'chalet' is great if that's what you like, but other than that I have never found it very big or exciting, sorry!

IamChipmunk Thu 14-Sep-17 20:44:43

Xmas market is a bit underwhelming I have found.

What kind of restaurant were you after?
It's very near the Headrow for Miller & Carter and George's or Ginos Italian or Liquorist are also nice.

IggyAce Thu 14-Sep-17 21:16:59

We are going for our wedding anniversary, so not specifically for the market. Food wise we both like most cuisines and enjoy good food. Agree there is a wide choice which is why I wanted a recommendation. I will take a look at the suggestions. Thanks for the help.

whatsthecomingoverthehill Thu 14-Sep-17 22:06:38

The Christmas market isn't brilliant but it's free so you could always just have a wander through.

I'd recommend having a wander through some of the arcades - they are gorgeous, have some interesting shops and will look great with Christmas decorations up.

Man Behind the Curtain for something special if you can get in (might be doubtful, could try a lunchtime meal if you prefer). For some cheaper food then My Thai is great, and is close to lots of good bars.

Star2015 Fri 15-Sep-17 21:06:19

The Christmas market isn't massive, but we enjoyed an hour or so there.

Maybe look at Restaurant Bar and Grill in Leeds... we like it there.

Have a great time!

lionsleepstonight Sat 16-Sep-17 15:42:40

I've always had a good meal at Restaurant Bar and Grill, and it has a good vibe.

ootlander Sat 16-Sep-17 15:50:28

Restaurant: Bibi's is AMAZING. Gorgeous venue and vibe, great food and cocktails and they have a veggie/vegan menu too.

Marmite27 Sun 08-Oct-17 10:00:56

Last meal I had at bibi's was disgusting. It just tasted of salt, and the staff couldn't have been less bothered when I mentioned it. I've never had a bad meal in any of the others mentioned though.

shockedballoon Sun 08-Oct-17 10:13:57

Xmas market is ok - it's pretty much like most Xmas markets around the UK. However you're spoilt for choice for eating out.

Ox Club is my favourite restaurant in Leeds right now - and it's just had the thumbs up from Jay Rayner. There are so many decent places to eat in Leeds right now. Depends what you're after.
Also check out Ham & Friends and Home Resturant. Also 'swine that dines'.
Theravadu is an amazing Indian restaurant (Michelin recomnended) which is next to bundobust which is less formal, think street food, but no less delicious. Zaap is good for thai and atmosphere - again more informal.

There's loads of restaurants and street food places around Trinity - Google it and see what takes your fancy.

There's many more but that was just a download from the top of my head.

Crispsheets Sun 08-Oct-17 10:16:10

The market is crap.
Go to Iberica...fab Spanish restaurant in historical building. Tattu excellent, and Friends of Ham
Go to Victoria Gate...the casino is decent for a quick drink

Mrsknackered Sun 08-Oct-17 10:20:58

Agree the market is underwhelming, lots of beer and sweets, that's about it.
I suggest Bundobust, it's really good Indian street food and I think great money. Fazenda is also really nice (but you defo have to pre book a table and I suggest going at lunch rather than dinner - and stay away if you're a veggie) Friends of Ham near the station is nice too.
All the other chain restaurants are available within town.

Mrsknackered Sun 08-Oct-17 10:23:15

The Alchemist on Greek street is good for cocktails (the apricot martini is wonderful) they're a bit gimmicky but it's cool for a couple of drinks.
Pub wise, nation of shopkeepers on George Street is my personal fave!

newusernameness Sun 08-Oct-17 15:32:41

Bibi's is not amazing 😂

I think you're unlikely to get a booking at man behind the curtain at that time...

What's the budget?

Crispsheets Sun 08-Oct-17 17:33:15

The original Bibis in Mill hill was amazing.
I'd hop on the train to Saltaire

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