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What are 10 year old girls liking for presents?

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Oh2beatsea Sat 19-Aug-17 14:52:11

My daughter also has her birthday in January so I like to start planning early for Xmas and her birthday. She's had all the usual stuff - bike, heelys and an iPod in recent years. She enjoys crafting but we have masses of stuff already! Any ideas gratefully received.

2014newme Sat 19-Aug-17 14:54:24

Mine love harry potter and gift cards for h&m.
I've also bought tickets in previous years to shows or sports events eg world championship of their favourite sports or a West end show.

SideOrderofSprouts Sat 19-Aug-17 15:00:31

My eldest is the same
As your daughter. She's ten now. 11 in January. She's all about toiletrie, make up bah stuff. Straighteners clothes

Oh2beatsea Sat 19-Aug-17 19:19:34

Yes my daughter does like hair and make up too!! I'm trying to think of alternatives to some of the "experiences" we got her last year.

peterpancollar Sat 19-Aug-17 21:46:48

Nintendo Switch - i maybe bribing her to do more prep for her 11+ entrance exams after Christmas.
Harley Quinn doll (yes, she still wants a doll!)
More Jacqueline Wilson books
Paperchase Journal (having weaned her off Smiggle)

K1092902 Sat 19-Aug-17 21:53:27

If she likes crafts would she like sewing? John Lewis do a cheap sewing machine for about £30 and it comes in different colours.

TelephoneTree Sun 20-Aug-17 21:32:02


How about ... pogo stick, books, really lovely box to keep earrings in (if pierced), personalised stationary (look at This Is Nessie, bag, new duvet cover, H&M voucher, pottery wheel for kids Amazon

0hCrepe Sun 20-Aug-17 21:33:16

A digital drawing pad? Ears pierced?

Shemozzle Mon 21-Aug-17 00:46:35

My 10 year old got a light box (for tracing and drawing) last Christmas and she still uses that almost daily.

She loves Harry Potter stuff (Asda and primary have some in, tops, blankets, picture frames etc)

anime/manga dvds and books, also anything that goes along with this like jewellery, collectible figures etc

She got a Nintendo ds for her birthday which she loves.

This year I think I'll be getting her a graphics tablet (Paint on computer is still her favourite thing) anime and manga, new DS games.

She also got the John Lewis sewing machine last year which she's used once!! She's always loved sewing previously so that was an unexpected flop.

Pantryboy Wed 23-Aug-17 18:59:24

My Gd loves music , little Mix , tickets for concerts, those giant bows for their hair , make up nail polish, hair stuff, the latest gadgets ,and dvds

Pantryboy Wed 23-Aug-17 19:02:02

Also anything glittery and the latest fad in clothes , has to be a name , Converse ,Nike, Adidis , I do not approve of any of it but she is my God daughter so I have n say and I am sure I am a little old fashioned hey ho C'est la vie...

Joanne1991 Thu 24-Aug-17 20:57:10

If your daughter enjoys crafts and colouring there is loads of colouring books in the shops (Just an idea) I'm 26 and I love sitting colouring especially in the winter

Buttercupsandaisies Thu 24-Aug-17 21:01:24

DD is 10 and liked

Smart tv (mainly only uses you tube!)

Dance clothes
Nice stationery from paperchase
Room accessories - cushions, fairy lights, cool lamp, clock
Large vanity case
Sleepover bag from VS Pink
Hair crumpets

Buttercupsandaisies Thu 24-Aug-17 21:01:33


Buttercupsandaisies Thu 24-Aug-17 21:01:59

We also got the JL sewing machine and it's been used twice!

VanillaDrunkenSailor Thu 24-Aug-17 21:03:17

H&M vouchers.

Oh2beatsea Thu 24-Aug-17 21:19:02

All good suggestions. Thank you.

Shemozzle Thu 24-Aug-17 22:56:04

Just to add, my 10 year old seriously loves the amazing Dot we have in the kitchen as she's really into listening to all kinds of music at the moment. She's asked for one for her room for Christmas.

Shemozzle Thu 24-Aug-17 22:57:32

The AMAZON Dot. Though it is amazing!

Oh2beatsea Sat 26-Aug-17 18:35:59

Ah that's funny Shem, I recently ordered DD an Amazon Echo from QVC. There's a delay in it being delivered but I am hopeful she will like it. DD is just getting into music and I think it showed it on QVC doing a few other things too. Thought it was worth a try - if I don't like it, I can send it back within 30 days!

allthingsred Sat 26-Aug-17 20:37:32

We have the echo here. It's a massive hit with the kids!

pineappleeyes Sat 26-Aug-17 21:37:17

My dd is 10, will be 11 in Jan.

So far I'm thinking vouchers for h&m
One of those light box things
Colour changing nail polish
Face masks, nice cosmetics
Experience day
Nice stationary. Craft stuff from the works. NOT smiggleangry

fucksakefay Sat 26-Aug-17 21:40:00

Mine wants slyvanian families and Lottie dolls! She's not into all dolls just those it's the realism she likes.

pineappleeyes Sat 26-Aug-17 21:51:00

Oh new bedding and bedroom accessories too. Clock. etc

Shemozzle Mon 28-Aug-17 10:08:24

Things kids like, you can ask it any facts, times tables etc for home work, ask it to tell jokes, use it as an alarm, a timer, ask her to roll a dice if you can't find one, give you facts about the day, ask her to call bingo numbers, you can open skills and get spelling bee's, times table quizzes, bed time stories, choose your own adventure stories, hangman/noughts and crosses, and countless other things! I was wondering if an echo would be better, but the sound carried really well on the Dot in our kitchen and I realise I don't want to give her the option to put music on too loud just yet!

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