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Christmas bargain holding thread - we're over here, Reastie

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FireflyGirl Sat 12-Aug-17 17:12:04

Whoops - we seem to have filled the first thread!

Let's carry on here until we can sort a proper one.

Theimpossiblegirl Sat 12-Aug-17 17:14:40

Phew! I do worry about losing you all. smile
Looking for cheap advent drawers/boxes/bags.
Should have bought them in the sales.

Jessica78 Sat 12-Aug-17 17:39:45

Star Wars Holocron whatever that is... But it looks pretty cool!

tootsieglitterballs Sat 12-Aug-17 17:51:52

I'm after lovely stockings - wish I'd thought about this in January ...
Chances of getting a bargain are getting slimmer!

christmasunicorn Sat 12-Aug-17 18:15:20

Thank you firefly I've been checking all afternoon and having a mini panic because there was no thread two! Awful moment.
I'm after discounts on trunki's and jurni's for a big holiday next year.
Also moana toys suitable for a 2yr old and almost 6yr old boys. They are completely obsessed with it this summer. Also trolls (for the 2yr old) and anything yo Kai watch related for the 6yr old

GeillisTheWitch Sat 12-Aug-17 18:22:42

I haven't read the other thread so this might have been posted but Sainsburys have Jojo Siwa journals half price at £3.50 just now and 25% off some other toys, picked up some cheap tsum tsum and pokemon bits.

GeillisTheWitch Sat 12-Aug-17 18:23:46

Journal same as this one

FireflyGirl Sat 12-Aug-17 18:29:01

unicorn trunkis were on offer at about £26 on Amazon day.

They might do them again for Black Friday?

Snausage Sat 12-Aug-17 18:43:25

@tootsieglitterballs have you tried Ali Express? They have some rather sweet ones and they're very reasonably priced. I bought some a couple of years ago and was very pleased with them.

Llamacorn Sat 12-Aug-17 18:46:04

Phew panic thinking I'd lose you all!

Trunkis are pretty tiny but my dd still uses her often. £23.33 at Tesco here
Also £25 at kiddicare and Halfords - I think someone posted a Halfords code on the last thread that may work?

tootsie I'm needing stockings too, holding out for the matalan Christmas range to be released as they had lovely ones at good prices last year and I missed out.

NoWordForFluffy Sat 12-Aug-17 18:49:58

I've bought Trunkis from Tesco and Amazon for my two this year.

I also got some nice Nordic stockings from eBay last week. Less than £6 each, and personalised too.

LostMyRubySlippers Sat 12-Aug-17 19:02:21

I bought some plain linen stockings in hobbycraft last year for £1 each & then various bits & pieces to personalise them with...but never ended up getting them done blush
Should have enough time this year.. Although suspect I will still end up leaving them till the last minute!
They're pretty small but hopefully that means I'll buy less to fill them!

Tshirt I ordered from mountain warehouse came today- nice quality, v Jojo-esque. Bit on the small side though
Waiting on stuff from Lisa Angel & Hawkins bazaar. Loads of other things I want to buy but trying to be restrained until payday.. Summer hols are so expensive as well!!!

cowssheephens Sat 12-Aug-17 19:03:39

Emoji advent calendar £14.99

There was something similar about last year, but can't remember the price.

LostMyRubySlippers Sat 12-Aug-17 19:05:44

Does anyone know where the cheap poundland beer crates are that were mentioned on last thread please?
I know obvs poundland but I get confused with the different pound shops confusedblush if anyone could point me in right direction!

NoWordForFluffy Sat 12-Aug-17 19:20:15

These are our stockings. They're huge too, which is what I wanted!

tootsieglitterballs Sat 12-Aug-17 19:24:19

@NoWordForFluffy those are lovely - eBay you say?

christmasunicorn Sat 12-Aug-17 19:25:58

Thank you fluffy for the Tesco/trunki heads up.

NoWordForFluffy Sat 12-Aug-17 19:26:14

Here's the link:

tootsieglitterballs Sat 12-Aug-17 19:29:00

You are a star @NoWordForFluffy - thank you muchly!

wornoutboots Sat 12-Aug-17 19:31:25

those looking for stocking fillers/advent calendar fillers etc these are nice

TheImprobableGirl Sat 12-Aug-17 19:59:04

found you! star almost had to have a small baileys to calm down...

torthecatlady Sat 12-Aug-17 20:08:00

Adds baileys to the shopping list.

Steph999999 Sat 12-Aug-17 20:19:43

These Christmas stockings are cute. I have bought other personalised items from this seller which are great quality.

OhHolyFuck Sat 12-Aug-17 20:27:51

I bought sass&belle advent calendars, fabric ones, one Santa and one rudolf
Bit disappointed for the price, they're small and a bit cheap looking tbh

APocketfulOfStars Sat 12-Aug-17 20:37:46

Thanks fluffy I've just bought three for me, DH and DS. And I've just looked at Steph's link too....would it be completely over the top to order a few more stockings in case we have guests over Christmas??

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