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Can you forsee any issues with this...

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Methenyouplus4 Mon 03-Jul-17 22:24:22

3 of our 4 DC are very close in age. This year, we were thinking of giving 1 small 'main' present each and perhaps 2 smaller ones that we think that individual might really like and then having all other gifts as shared/ for the playroom (rather than named child).

Firstly 1 DC is only girl and don't want her to get all the 'girl' type toys. Secondly, we thought this might encourage sharing as no 'that's my toy' element.

Obviously this would change as they get older and have more individual tastes/interests.

Are there any obvious issues with this that I'm missing? Seems a great idea in my head but then wonder if I'm missing possible negatives?

NoWordForFluffy Tue 04-Jul-17 06:17:22

Our two would still fight / claim ownership over stuff, even if we told them it was jointly-owned (but then DS (almost-3) could start an argument in an empty room!).

Though as there'd be arguments either way, it's probably worth a go! As long as everyone got to open something.

WhiskyTangoFoxtrot Tue 04-Jul-17 07:08:00

That sounds like a lot of presents - one (made up of one or two items) per child from us plus stocking per child is our norm. So I think that making some less personal could be a good idea.

My concern about what you're suggesting is the potential for fights on the day about who will open what and whether they've all had a fair turn.

And what would you be doing about presents given to each child by name from other relatives?

NorthumbrianGirl Tue 04-Jul-17 18:40:17

We've always given some presents jointly, it's never been a problem. My only hesitancy would be if it's something that onlu one person can use at a time this could cause conflict on the day.

We often give present to both dds separately (e.g. a Lego set each) which they can use together.

TheImprobableGirl Tue 11-Jul-17 14:31:25

My dds aren't super close in age (6.5 and 3) but enjoy similar things; they have had as you describe with no problems! What we have done is get them something within that theme iyswim...
E.g. 1 year we got a big wooden play kitchen and dds got a tray of wooden food each- last year we got the barbie dreamhouse and dds a couple of Barbies each.
Not sure this year though, so looking for ideas!
Also they are super spoiled, only grandchildren on both sides and in laws have ££££££,££££ to spend. Not on us/white goods/buying a car you understand- just on more toys <bitter experience>

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