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Still popular gifts 4 months on...

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giraffesarefab Sun 16-Apr-17 19:20:44

So we are approaching 4 months post Christmas and what is still being played with in your houses? What were the hits and for what ages?

For us, its the random dart board that we picked up in smyths as part of a 2 for £15 deal (we had bought something for ds2 and couldn't find anything else, so grabbed it on a 'more for daddy than ds1' gift) but ds1 loves it!
Ds2 was an ipad, he adores it.

The failures were a miposaur for ds1, played with it once and now it's gathering dust and ds2 was a weird water game that had boats and a shark - that's gone to the charity shop.
Ds1 is 10 and ds2 is 5.

madeleinecreek Sun 16-Apr-17 19:22:17

Three old LOVED and loves the dinosaur projection torch recommended by mumsnet, older children enjoyed playing with it too.

bastedyoungturkey Sun 16-Apr-17 19:30:33

Lego still gets played with regularly, we bought dd an easel which she plays with daily. A Melissa and Doug magnetic doll set which you put outfits on is popular too. Those things get played wth often. Oh, and the hatchimal! Then there's other stuff that she returns too when we've got the chance to and we're home for longer - dolls' house, marble run.

Banjopluckface Tue 18-Apr-17 08:14:06

Dd (13) loves her longed for iPad

Ds (9) still loves his k'nex rollercoaster

Dd (5) still carries baby annabel around with her all the time! Also Lego friends is much loved too.

Nishky Tue 18-Apr-17 08:15:29

Clever idea for a thread op- gives people ideas for this year- nice one

DoItTooJulia Tue 18-Apr-17 08:18:02

Amazon Echo Dot for ds 11, now 12

And the orchard toys giant railway puzzle for ds (4yo)

Nearlyadoctor Tue 18-Apr-17 14:30:32

Lego Elves
Kindle fire

OuchBollocks Tue 18-Apr-17 14:32:15

DD (2.9) still adores her Peppa plane and figures, so much so that she will share all her other toys with visiting children but cries if they touch her plane. It's her special plane and none shall touch grin

WindwardCircle Tue 18-Apr-17 14:40:36

The mermaid blanket was our runaway success, it's been used every day since Christmas by DD 9 (and got its first wash today blush ) . I've given them to DDs friends as birthday presents too and they all seem to really like them.

The 3D pen hasn't even been out of its box so I, not sure I'd describe it as a flop, more not as popular as I thought it would be.

itsacatastrophe Tue 18-Apr-17 19:49:42

The most played with toys in this house, played with are those little cheap Pokemon characters that I got of aliexpress. 24 for £2.19!

rachyconks Tue 18-Apr-17 19:52:30

Mr Frosties ice cream maker here. And the Lego.

Gooseysgirl Tue 18-Apr-17 20:40:04

DD 5, plays with her playmobil water slides and camper van every day. She is also loving her leapfrog pen. Also still regularly using her vtech camera from the previous Christmas.
DS 3.5, Imaginext fire station and fire engine; hot wheels/Blaze trucks.

Both love lego, still play with duplo regularly.

SweepTheHalls Tue 18-Apr-17 20:41:28

Nerf tri strike guns, still used for many a battle!

Honeyandfizz Tue 18-Apr-17 20:43:52

Ds 12 mountain bike. It's made him and stbxh even closer as they go off for hours at a time to various places.

Dd 13 definitely her iPad. It was a replacement one as her old one broke and it's worth every penny!

trilbydoll Tue 18-Apr-17 20:49:59

2yo loves her Duplo and Playmobil 123, primarily the people.

4yo loves her board games (snakes and ladders / bear hunt)

Lucy the talking dog has been sadly abandoned altho she insists she wants another one? Wtf?! Barbie and Rapunzel have both had more attention from me than dd1 as I try and keep their hair tidy. DD2 is totally disinterested in her baby type toys, ie shape sorter, stacking blocks etc.

babyinarms Tue 18-Apr-17 20:53:02

My ds1 loves his dart board too and his golf clubs ( both requested)
Ds2 loves his man City kit and he made the Lego titanic but no one can touch
Dd loves her art set ( a surprise) but hasn't looked at the rest ( all requested) hmm

giraffesarefab Tue 18-Apr-17 20:55:16

That's my thinking nishky grin

SideOrderofSprouts Wed 19-Apr-17 16:18:42

Chipstheeldest and chipstheeldest love their ds, tablets and phone. And make up for the eldest.

Babychips is in love with his ride ones but not so much his toot toot cars but loves the toot toot house and peolle

Banjopluckface Wed 19-Apr-17 19:13:06

Ds (almost 10) loved his k'nex rollercoaster too and we managed to get it at a bargain price when someone on here found it for £10.

Trying to think of ideas for his upcoming 10th birthday. We are resisting buying an iPad or Xbox (that have been requested) for another year or so, but it's really hard to think what to get. Any ideas would be gratefully received!

CheerfulMuddler Thu 20-Apr-17 09:44:05

DS (1) loves the Indigo Jamm fire engine his grandparents bought him. Not cheap at £40, but he plays with it LOADS - definitely his favourite Christmas present.

Duplo was also a hit. And Julia Donaldson's 'Fox's Socks'.

PixieMiss Thu 20-Apr-17 09:49:43

My DS (1yo) loves the Vtech Alphabet Learning Bus. At the moment he just tips it out and plays with the tiles but he likes to do that. In time, the other features will come in use too smile

Cheerybigbottom Thu 20-Apr-17 10:09:46

5 year old LOVES dc imaginext stuff, and superman costume.

As an aside £45 codeapillar is gathering dust 😒

Methenyouplus4 Fri 21-Apr-17 21:35:13

Hits- Oldest- headphones, Hype bag
Miss- drone

Hits- (little ones)- massive happyland bundle (bought second hand), books, electric ride on trikes, scooters, small cheap dolls pushchair.

Miss- huge Disney figures (from relative).

Equimum Wed 26-Apr-17 19:56:41

Hits with DS1(4) included lots of add-ins for his Brio trainset, Usbourne lift-flap 'see inside' books like the body, space, castles etc and the M&D wooden castle.
Flops were the Brio roundhouse (hardly touched, despite being train crazy) & Megasketcher.
DS2(1) still loves his Scuttlebug & Playmobil 123 sets.

lilydaisyrose Wed 26-Apr-17 20:00:56

I can't even remember what mine got for Christmas blush. In my defense, I had a baby on 21st Dec!

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