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Christmas Hits and Misses!

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LadyHarvey Tue 03-Jan-17 17:18:00

I'm reflecting on what went well this Christmas and what didn't. In the hope of helping us next year, what were your hits and misses of the season?

Hits - using amazon price tracker and smyths vouchers to get kids' presents at good prices, linkee board game has been good fun, starting the cooking early on Christmas Day, starting wrapping early.

Misses - buying too many stocking fillers when the stockings are quite small, over spending on some recipients and not enough on others.

Anyway, would love to hear other experiences!

Nearlyadoctor Tue 03-Jan-17 17:37:26

Hits much the same as yours using CCC and Smyths, although cooked far too late and Dd and I had gone past eating by the time it was all ready. Cut back on presents this year, although will definitely cut back further next year.

Misses - me getting too stressed ' it's only another day' if I told myself once I told myself a hundred times. Putting too much thought into others presents and starting early. This year I'm going to keep all the money I've saved and do a proper days/ online Christmas shopping. It's my own fault I'm sure, but others seem put in far less effort and have a much better time. Spend more time with friends and less with emotional blackmailing family. ( I say it every year!!!)

70isaLimitNotaTarget Tue 03-Jan-17 17:45:26

We had a very quiet Christmas (I'm at my DParents for New Year so I'll need to do a huge meal when I get back home. DD is very judgey about missing out on the steak pie I made)

My DC are teenagers , DS is impossible to buy for. We give him money, XBox games , he got his Provisional for his birthday.
DD , otoh, has Lists fgrin

I bought LED light up stockings for mine (never too old) and daft traditional things like PJs , underwear, selection boxes.

Didn't go overboard with food. Still got a Christmas Fridge though I reckon.

DH uses Amazon (especially Amazon Prime) so it saves loads of shopping time.
DD and I went to a local theatre to see A Christmas Carol which was lovely.

I think over the years I've pared it down but we'eve had 8 for Christmas in the last couple of years. 2016 was just us 4 (DBro/DSiL working, DParents not up to travelling)

Next few years will be quieter still I reckon with DS if he goes to Uni (he says he'll travel about but I'll make him have Christmas with us mwah ha ha fwink ) he'll no doubt still be living with us.

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