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Artificial Christmas tree

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Gardenbirdy Wed 28-Dec-16 15:57:41

I'd like to invest in a new artificial Christmas tree for next year, ideally in the sales but basically I'm just after some recommendations.
In a perfect world I'd like a nice bushy, pre-lit six-footer.
Which sounds a bit rude now I'm reading it back, lol. Feel free to post pics of yours too.

Bluntness100 Wed 28-Dec-16 16:00:56

Balsam hill ones are very good.

Gardenbirdy Thu 29-Dec-16 07:07:33

They do look beautiful, thank you! Do you have one? Is it pre-lit?

BradleyPooper Thu 29-Dec-16 07:13:56

My balsam hill one is 3 years old and people can't believe it's not real, worth every penny (also bought in Jan sales)

wonderingsoul Thu 29-Dec-16 09:42:09

I got mine fome Qd on kine.. verrtyy busy.. does have sliver glitter in ends.. but they do do v good natural busy trees at a good price too

FantasticFestiveBeasts Thu 29-Dec-16 20:39:29

Mine is BH, now on its sixth year and looks fab, v realistic. I didn't go for pre lit in case the lights didn't last as long as the tree.

Close up

Honeyandfizz Thu 29-Dec-16 20:46:28

Balsam Hill here too, invested in it last year after years of real ones. I can't recommend it enough.

Gardenbirdy Thu 29-Dec-16 22:05:57

Honeyandfizz your tree looks stunning! Thanks everyone, now working on convincing DH we need a BH tree ;-)

poorpaws Thu 29-Dec-16 23:34:24

Balsamhill too but only 4.5

Honeyandfizz Fri 30-Dec-16 07:17:30

Thank you, mines the Fraser Fir narrow 7ft unlit and £209 in their sale. Definitely worth the investment. The other place that sells a decent artificial one is The White Co. BH though they come very well packaged for storage too, they fit together in less than a minute and really do look good.

FantasticFestiveBeasts Fri 30-Dec-16 08:34:57

Just a tip, their 'sales' are on virtually year round. Sign up for their mailing list.

Mine is 4.5 ft Fraser fir too, sits in a wooden box, the garland is really nice as well.

I have been thinking of buying another one for a different room as out tree in there is looking a bit tired and quite like the simplicity of the Alpine tree.

Gardenbirdy Sun 01-Jan-17 16:54:04

Ooh, excellent tip Fantastic! Thank you! I can't imagine many people buy trees in the summer so I'll have to check again then -
especially as my washing machine has just decided to die so that must be my spending priority for January does a little cry.
Also interesting to see that the "narrow" trees look lovely and not too thin. Some others I've seen are so narrow they look ridiculous.

Gardenbirdy Sun 01-Jan-17 17:06:25

So if, er, any of you could also recommend a washing machine, lol....

TrickyD Mon 02-Jan-17 19:49:10

I saw a big beauty at a friend's NYE party, asked her today if it is a BH. "No I got it last week reduced at Tesco, £30".
Very envious.

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