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Your greatest food pleasure this Christmas

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Fadingmemory Mon 26-Dec-16 09:48:26

I so enjoyed the turkey, Christmas pudding and all the trimmings yesterday. Best, though, was the very rich chocolate mousse that I have just eaten for breakfast. You?

AgainstTheOddsNo2 Mon 26-Dec-16 09:50:26

I was considering eating tiramisu for breakfast...

buckeejit Mon 26-Dec-16 09:52:40

My mammy's shortbread-just about to have one with my morning tea. On slimming world so stuffing my face left right and centre like an escaped convict grin

Fadingmemory Mon 26-Dec-16 10:02:35

Am old and work constantly to keep my weight down, generally successfully. However, now thinking gleefully of the leftover stuffing, bread sauce, turkey, gammon, Christmas pud and brandy butter that I will have later.

Poppiesway Mon 26-Dec-16 10:07:54

It's tradition in our family to have home made trifle for breakfast on Boxing Day.. such a big trifle is made for Christmas Day tea that there's enough left over for morning..
however I'm breaking tradition and having profeiteroles as they went out of date yesterday... I'm sure I'll survive eating the today...

Palomb Mon 26-Dec-16 10:09:19

I made Mary Berrys chocolate mousse cake for pudding yesterday and OMG it was amazing!

AmyC86 Mon 26-Dec-16 10:11:09

It was my first xmas dinner serving 11 people. I was so pleased with the whole thing! The honey and mustard baked ham, Turkey, beef, roast spuds, carrot & turnip, cauliflower and broccoli bake, parsnips, mushy peas, sprouts, red cabbage, stuffing, pigs in blankets, Yorkshire puddings and gravy.

Then my absolute triumph which was a home made Christmas pudding and a sherry trifle. I've also made a Christmas cake but I've not cut into that yet xx

CaitAgusMadra Mon 26-Dec-16 10:13:27

I had cold sliced turkey, ham and sharp cheddar with crackers at 10.30pm last night, in the kitchen, on my own, in silence. Heaven fwink

theaveragewife Mon 26-Dec-16 10:14:34

The gravy...I drank some of it when clearing up fblush

MrsBertMacklin Mon 26-Dec-16 10:16:26

It's a toss up between coming up with the idea of sprinkling pork scratchings on top of pigs in blankets (with a dab of Dijon mustard as an adhesive), and the beautiful smoked salmon in my breakfast bagel.

The salmon was much more expensive than I'd planned on buying, but is so good that I've decided to have it as a monthly treat food.

Murphysgirl Mon 26-Dec-16 10:18:49

Cold sprouts with a sprinkle of salt. Breakfast this morning was cold sprouts, weetabix, dairy milk and a bag of crisps washed down with two mugs of tea! fblush

KingLooieCatz Mon 26-Dec-16 10:25:34

Dad's stuffing - the stuffing of legend.

Gluten intolerant relative was introduced to prosecco flavoured crisps with flecks of gold while we had smoked salmon on brown bread and they seemed to be quite a hit.

Copperas Mon 26-Dec-16 10:28:37

Came down on Christmas morning to find the table beautifully laid for breakfast by DS1, with toasted panettone all ready and still hot. Perfect use for brandy butter - delicious together.

Copperas Mon 26-Dec-16 10:30:23

Follwed this morning with toast and dripping!

Honeydragon Mon 26-Dec-16 10:31:58

I think the best food pleasure was introducing my dad to creamed leeks. He's now quite distressed to have got to 69 having never tried them, he feels he's missed out now grin

DontCallMeBaby Mon 26-Dec-16 10:41:11

Waitrose apricot and almond stuffing, shaped into balls, cooked a bit too long so they're JUST the right side of burnt. They're we're only three of us and only I actually liked them, so loads left to go with cold turkey, sausages, Paxo, chips, peas and gravy today (which meal may well take over as best Xmas food).

Mominatrix Mon 26-Dec-16 10:47:20

Glad to see I am not the only one who had cold sprouts for breakfast. I had mine with Parma ham and a toasted sourdough bagel.

I still have a half a torchon of foie gras left and 3/4 a bottle of Sauternes - lunch sorted!

Copperas Mon 26-Dec-16 12:39:47

What are creamed leeks?

Ineedmorelemonpledge Mon 26-Dec-16 12:44:16

Breakfast this morning was two mince pies with clotted cream and a hot cup of tea.

Followed by twiglets.


Honeydragon Mon 26-Dec-16 14:37:57

Fried leeks and onion with cream and cheese. Then finished in the oven.

purplecabbage Mon 26-Dec-16 17:27:46

Sainsburys TTD chocolate covered dates were sublime! Like turkish delight. After them even Waitrose Belgian choccies seemed meh!

Honorable mention:
Made a variant of Deliciously Ella's mince pies (Sugar free, gluten + dairy free). The pastry burnt on the bottom but even so (!) they were just as rich and claggy as all butter types and would definitely recommend (and rework!) them for another time. I think perhaps a mincemeat/apple crumble over individual pies as soooo much easier to execute!

GreatPointIAgreeWithYouTotally Mon 26-Dec-16 17:37:01

Chestnut stuffing. Why don't I eat it all year?

Didn't follow a recipe but onion fried with bacon in butter, then chuck in magimix with vacuum pack chestnuts, posh sausages, herbs, chestnut purée, egg and breadcrumbs. Whizz up briefly.

Am going to try creamed leeks next, and creamed spinach.

Purplehonesty Mon 26-Dec-16 17:48:52

The gorgeous butcher S roast beef we had for Xmas dinner

BeastofChristmasIsland Mon 26-Dec-16 17:59:02

The locally sourced venison I had for Christmas dinner yesterday (we did turkey too but I prefer venison) was amazing, but the overall best thing I've had this year is Tesco's Finest black forest profiterole dessert which was absolutely bloody gorgeous. I've just eaten the last of it directly out of the big plastic bowl it comes in and am considering going to see if I can get another one tomorrow. The M&S chocolate and passion fruit star dessert is lovely too but the Tesco one is epic - and it's huge and only cost £8 as opposed to £15.

notapizzaeater Mon 26-Dec-16 18:06:44

My Jamie Olivier gravy - best gravy I've ever had - I'm now going to batch cook,it and freeze it for future meals (DS coeliac and annoyingly reacts to most GF granules as well)

Jamie's roast potatoes as well.

Then this morning had the most sublime bubble and squeak :-)

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