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What have you learnt from this Xmas that you'll take forward to next Xmas?

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Trudee Sun 25-Dec-16 22:47:03

I'm in bed on my phone unusually early for Christmas Day as I have learnt that staying with family for the festive period is not for me. As such I shall not be repeating the experience.
On the plus side I have learnt that having to cut down on dc's gift due to having to fit them in the car has been a great success and I will stick to a reduced amount in the future. I was concerned by the size of the pile lastnight but dc's really didn't care.
What will you all be taking forward from this year?

PurpleDaisies Sun 25-Dec-16 22:51:24

We ditched a lot of the extras we usually buy people and it really didn't matter.

Check your lovely new baking trays fit in the oven before covering them in goose fat potatoes.

Imbroglio Sun 25-Dec-16 22:51:43

To let go a bit and not feel responsible for doing everything and pleasing everyone. We have all pitched in and appreciated each other more this year.

intrusivethoughts Sun 25-Dec-16 22:56:33

I'll forget everything that went wrong this year and it all exactly the same next year fwink

intrusivethoughts Sun 25-Dec-16 22:57:13


backaftera2yearbreak Sun 25-Dec-16 23:00:07

Being in my own was not so bad. Ds at his dad's dp at work. I put no pressure on myself to do anything. Stayed in pjs. I will still get see see the look on his wee face when he gets back next week and opens presents! I have to much of an idea of what an occasion should be like. I will try and go with the flo more from now on

busyrascal Sun 25-Dec-16 23:06:58

First time cooking Christmas dinner here and I learnt the following:

- Potatoes take much longer to roast when they've been parboiled the night before and sat in the fridge all night.

- Our top oven is crap.

- I needed to plan a starter and dessert more than one day in advance.

- I needed a Master shopping list so that nothing got forgotten.

- DH is really good at tidying up after me and I couldn't have done it without him smile

Frusso Sun 25-Dec-16 23:09:09

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

PersonalClown Sun 25-Dec-16 23:13:28

That my brother will not ever understand Ds or try to make the effort.

He bought Ds (14, ASD, very introverted) expensive Lego. Ds only likes trains and gadgets.
So brother built the lego himself, called Ds a Gay loser (brother is 30-fucking-one years old!) made him cry and them said he wasn't bothering with him again.

No more family Christmases for us.

EffieIsATrinket Sun 25-Dec-16 23:15:12

Deconstructed trifle is the way forward - made trifle as usual then added custard and cream as per individual requests - portions looked much neater and dairy-free guest was delighted.

Also used Sainsburys amaretto small biscuits in the trifle which added a lovely almond flavour.

EffieIsATrinket Sun 25-Dec-16 23:15:42

A gay loser sad

jojo1983 Sun 25-Dec-16 23:17:47

That next year I'm spending it at home, just me and my son. This Christmas has sucked angry

tryandtryagain Sun 25-Dec-16 23:19:36

Personalclown that's awful sad

SloanyAnne Sun 25-Dec-16 23:21:55

Make 2 more tablecloths.
Line the tins for pigs in blankets/stuffing balls with grease proof paper.
Don't leave the drink chilling to DH.

In all other things, I am a Christmas ninja

ILoveDolly Sun 25-Dec-16 23:22:24

After last year's terrible 1.30am stocking fiasco we learnt to love the Groclock. This year no one woke up til 7.30. Yay.

ILoveDolly Sun 25-Dec-16 23:25:50

I feel very sad reading your post @Personalclown. I hope your brother grows up one day and realises he was the loser in that incident, and that you otherwise had a good Christmas.

Lessthanaballpark Sun 25-Dec-16 23:26:29

Not to oversoak my lady fingers.

Having lots of small presents is better than one big present because the opening lasts for longer 😆

OvariesForgotHerPassword Sun 25-Dec-16 23:27:14

We came to Butlins for Christmas this year. Tomorrow we're booking for next year. It's been the best Christmas ever, an absolute revelation.

bearsnumberonefan Sun 25-Dec-16 23:28:08

I've learnt not to cram 2 trays of potatoes, 2 trays of carrots, 1 tray of parsnips, 36 pigs in blankets and 12 Yorkshire puddings into a single oven at the same time and expect them to cook in the normal time (25-45minutes). Slight delay to dinner but never mind.

jimijack Sun 25-Dec-16 23:29:45

I will only wrap presents for my kids, It's Christmas bags all the way for everyone else.

I will only buy for the few I bought for this year, will no longer buy for people I never see out of guilt.

Christmas dinner cost about £12 total. It's a fancy Sunday roast, that's all. I shall do the same Next year. It was bloody lovely and there was plenty of it.

I shall decorate the tree, it looks a bugger, kids & dh did it.

Joz157 Sun 25-Dec-16 23:33:32

Switch the tv off all day (it decided not to switch on today) everybody decided to help me for once. We played cards and had a laugh.
But the dinner ready prepared and only one veg.
Don't get a fancy desert, no one liked it.

0hCrepe Sun 25-Dec-16 23:33:50

Just get SIL vouchers.

PurpleDaisies Sun 25-Dec-16 23:33:52

Christmas dinner cost about £12 total. It's a fancy Sunday roast, that's all. I shall do the same Next year. It was bloody lovely and there was plenty of it.

How many for? Unless you're vegetarian I can't understand how it could be that cheap.

GrinchyKiwi Sun 25-Dec-16 23:36:55

2 year olds don't give a toss about the delicious Christmas dinner you've just cooked and will only want to eat their chocolate (and satsumas).

There will be a metric fuckton of mess. Fortify yourself in advance.

Wingdingingit Sun 25-Dec-16 23:39:05

I'm trying to work out how to do Christmas on my terms next year abd not give into emotional blackmail that mothers so versed at delivering. See my post. Please send ideas!

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