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I need a QUIZ to perk this lot up!

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StarJumpAlertTakeCover Sun 25-Dec-16 15:17:07

Back from pub with DCs in their twenties.
I need an online quiz for later. Any suggestions most gratefully received!
Oh god I know I should have done this before!

janetj100 Sun 25-Dec-16 15:36:28

I've been racking my brain with the Statistics Society Christmas quiz - I tried to post a link to this earlier as it has some puzzledonkey questions (hooray!) which we had a huge thread on a few months back. I've got question 1 and two parts of question 2 - no spoilers please !

elephantoverthehill Sun 25-Dec-16 15:46:13

There were some good ones on the BBC website that we did last night. fsmile

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