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Christmas present fuck ups!

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Boogers Sun 25-Dec-16 00:34:36

Came to get the DC's bag of presents from the wardrobe only to find another bag of presents that I'd hidden so well I didn't actually find them until 11.15. Then it came to putting the presents under the tree and the distribution looked very one sided, only for it to twig that I'd wrapped half DD's presents in DS's paper (she's white, he's red), cue much present feeling and guesswork and re-wrapping. Did 10 presents in 22 minutes, though the morning might be a bit of a roulette as I'm not entirely confident I've got them all! fconfused

Is anyone else this crap?

Diamondsandpears Sun 25-Dec-16 00:37:08

Yes. Smug from buying a present for DC ages ago. Hid it in their wardrobe where no one can easily reached. Remembered about it tonight. Still not been brave enough to go find it!!

delilahbucket Sun 25-Dec-16 10:42:54

Brought the presents down last night and thought "DS hasn't got as much as I thought this year" but was absolutely sure I had got them. He had nearly finished opening them when I realised there were some missing. I remembered another box and went to get it claiming Santa left them in another room. An hour later I realise there's some others missing too. Cue another "Santa" mishap. FGS! Not normally so disorganised. I have been extremely tired of late fgrin

Happyinthehills Sun 25-Dec-16 10:49:21

Left presents in parcels and wrapped them last night.
On opening them up DH read out 'for PS3/PS4 or PC'
No said I - for XBox One
Checked again was my fault blush
Now I'm waiting for him to open the wrong thing with a promise that I will rectify, wish me luck.

GinIsIn Sun 25-Dec-16 11:27:24

All my family are here on a visit from abroad. They had all their presents delivered here, and asked me to wrap them. I did, leaving the tags blank for them to fill out but noting who each one was for. Told them they needed to complete the tags, they didn't bother and rather than wait for me to tell them who each one was for just handed out stuff at random?! fconfused

bearsnumberonefan Sun 25-Dec-16 21:47:57

Almost. Dh got all the presents down from the loft last night but I realised there was a bag of stocking fillers missing. After much arguing and huffing and puffing he agreed to go back up and have another search. Turned out they were in a massive bag of other presents. If it wasn't for those stocking fillers we would be missing a few. Totally forgot to put the selection boxes out and only found them in our wardrobe at 10am this morning. Oops!

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