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Feeling a bit sad that present pile looks a bit small

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Notthinkingclearly Sat 24-Dec-16 23:24:12

Just arranged present pile out for 9 and 7 year old. Normally get then more toys but they really couldn't think of much they wanted so bought them one toy each - remote control car and a furby connect. The rest of the presents are little things like CDs, socks, pens, pj's, lego base board, hair clips, books, electric toothbrush. It just doesn't look very much. Anyone else feel like this?

altik Sat 24-Dec-16 23:28:12

Yes! My DDs are now 10 and 13. They've had the most expensive Christmas yet, but the smallest pile of presents under the tree ever. It's quite depressing really when you think about it.

However, I think this will continue to be the case. 😉

neonrainbow Sat 24-Dec-16 23:28:52

Nope. Dss had a relatively small pile but it's plenty. He doesn't need hundreds of presents.

monkeywithacowface Sat 24-Dec-16 23:42:36

Definitely a much smaller pile this year but probably more expensive! That said for the first time ever I think I can honestly say everything is a well chosen gift that will get used. No stocking filler tat that will turn out to be a waste of money and clutter up the house. I've been gently prepping them that presents look smaller as they get older because they cost more and they genuinely don't seem to care. I've spent a year decluttering the house so am determined not to fill it up with crap that doesn't get used this Christmas!

abbsisspartacus Sun 25-Dec-16 05:20:50

Small pile here too they don't need "stuff" though everything I've bought will be played with and tbh the smallest pile cost £200 fortunately I've been saving but still it doesn't go as far as it used to

Moodybint Sun 25-Dec-16 06:27:53

I genuinely don't think it matters what size the pile of presents is. Too much and children become overwhelmed. I usually go overboard but I have cut down this year. I still think it's too much.

I don't see the point in buying lots of 'stuff' just so the pile looks 'big.' It usually ends up being crap that isn't even played with, I find.

I've just been on Facebook and it seems people are in competition regarding children's presents. No photographs of the kids, just huge piles of presents. Odd!

Packergator Sun 25-Dec-16 06:35:10

We have a minuscule present pile this year because we're brassic since having to start paying childcare fees and my dropping to PT hours at work. It's a struggle and will be for a couple more years. So DH, my parents and siblings have all agreed no presents this year (apart from ones for DS who has tonnes, but they're all at my mum, dad and in-laws' place as they insist that he opens them there hmm). All in all, it's looking pretty meagre! But that's ok. TBH I'm getting a little pissed off with all the 'stuff' attached to Xmas. I'm genuinely not bothered that I don't have any presents- there's nothing I really need- and being poorer this year has made me see things differently and appreciate what we do have. smile

Newbrummie Sun 25-Dec-16 08:21:24

It gets worse ! 16 and 14 year olds have cost me £400 and are tiny. But they will love it all, I cringe when I think about how the whole room used to be filled with presents and they got bored opening them

CocoaX Sun 25-Dec-16 08:27:46

My present pile is small - ££££s in legal fees with abusive ex. But house is calm and quiet, and DC happy - and there is only so much stuff one needs. Merry Christmas 🎄

CocoaX Sun 25-Dec-16 08:28:50

Present pile for DCs I mean - Santa got me some chocolates smile

JiltedJohnsJulie Sun 25-Dec-16 08:34:29

I posted a similar thread in the early hours of this morning. The DC seem quite happy but I still feel like I've let them down a bit. Would love to say that we have given them a few well chosen gifts but I'm a bit rubbish at choosing.

They seem happy enough though.

DoosyFartlek Sun 25-Dec-16 08:35:39

I think you need to worry about stuff that actually matters.

The positives are - less unessessary stuff damaging the planet, money not frittered on crap and role modelling these behaviours to your children.

More stuff doesn't equal more love/fun.

MTWTFSS Sun 25-Dec-16 08:36:19

As long as your children are happy, that is all that matters smile

CaptainMarvelDanvers Sun 25-Dec-16 08:51:45

Don't feel sad it sounds like you got your kids what they will use.

My niece and nephews get massive piles and still have presents, which have not being played with, from last year's Christmas.I know this sounds bitchy but I don't mean it to be but I think it's a bit grotesque to be honest especially when you know their parents can't actually afford it.

TheoriginalLEM Sun 25-Dec-16 09:04:12

Same here. much smaller pile yet probably the most ive spent. I avoided cheap plastic tat and dd loved ir all. The same happened with dd11. As she got ilder the pile shrunk but the cost went through the roof. She gets money now.

I always get present pile angst but dd blatantly doesn't notice.

Facebook boasts pics of massive piles of presents boil my piss.

HeCantBeSerious Sun 25-Dec-16 09:07:48

Ours get 4 presents and a modest stocking each every year. And they bloody love it.

1DAD2KIDS Sun 25-Dec-16 09:09:13

Small pile to and perfectly content with that. I bought them a couple of things I really know they will love. I have a girl 5 and a boy 1. They already have more than they can ever play with. Plus often you still find them playing with stuff round the house that isn't toys. I don't think kids need a lot of toys as they have great imaginations. The real thing of value you can give them throughout the year is your time to play with them (for me being a lone parent and working full time it's hard but I try my best).

AgeingArtemis Sun 25-Dec-16 09:16:01

We normally have Christmas with family, at least 8 people (usually 11!) Sleep over for christmas morning, and some are children so even though each person's pile is not outrageous, it adds up to a lot!

This year I'm spending it with my parents and nearly-adult sibling, so if course the pile is much much smaller, but it still looks plenty. Sibling and I have got a couple of gifts each for each parent rather than the usual one, because I would have felt bad if they only had 2 presents to open! As it happens a few arrived in the post so everyone has plenty smile

Sibling and I are still spoilt rotten and have much more than necessary grin

user1477282676 Sun 25-Dec-16 09:27:18

I felt like that...I'm in Oz so it's all done and dusted now. The reason my piles were small is that DD is 12 now and wants more expensive things that aren't phone and some clothes and makeup...

DD aged 8 has had less than usual's not that I couldn't think what to get her but I wanted to not go nuts as usual. She had 12 presents to unwrap but some were very cheap little things.

However, both were happy.x

Moodybint Mon 26-Dec-16 05:43:12

I'm wondering why I bought so much. Nowhere to put it along with presents from others. Next year I am putting a limit on things.

abbsisspartacus Mon 26-Dec-16 06:14:42

I limited things this year tbh I could have just bought my three year old his balance bike and he would have been thrilled its all he played with!

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